Made it to #15, Probably Still Climbing

As I reported a few days ago, this site was climbing up’s “blog of the day” page which is updated daily.  It’s been on their BOTD pages for over a week and it’s now reached #15 globally and #8 for “English” language blogs (sorry I don’t have a permanent link for that).  The home page states they host 3,688,271 blogs (so in other words, out of over 3 million blogs hosted by, it’s currently #15).  I can’t verify how accurate that is, I’m just reporting the stats.  Although I doubt it could seriously happen, if it reaches #1, I will proclaim this site a masterpiece and then someone can put up a blog about why this site sucks.

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9 Responses to “Made it to #15, Probably Still Climbing”

  1. you blog good content

  2. *gets out the chamapagne in anticipation*

    Now a “Why The Dark Knight Sucks Website Sucks” would be a hoot. Then defenders could put up site on why that one sucks and it’d be a phenomen! Like looking down a series of mirrors…

  3. You know what! I seriousily was joking about making a website called “Why The Dark Knigt Sucks Website Sucks” (exactly the same name), just to nitpick everything wrong with it like you’ve done to the movie… lol!

  4. The difference is that critics and fanboys aren’t all writing about how tdksucks’ website is a groundbreaking masterpiece.
    He’s not nitpicking–he’s making very legitimate criticisms of a so-called ‘realistic’ movie.

  5. To High C…

    No, he’s nitpicking… the movie was NEVER sworn to be so “realistic” that it’s practically like looking out your window. The movie first and foremost wanted to have a script with depth to it, and maintain being realistic enough to the audience it feels exciting. Very few of his arguments are “legitimate”, very few actually point out flaws with the movie, but things done on purpose to make the movie enjoyable and add a plot twist or a feel of excitment, that he and a few of you, just didn’t grasp what Nolan was going for, and for some reason that makes the movie “suck” and not one you just didn’t like.

  6. “for some reason that makes the movie “suck” and not one you just didn’t like.”

    If you don’t like a movie, that means you think it sucks.

  7. Not really Ken because sucks is like Goregasm, rating of 0-3 where as you can not like a movie and rate it a mediocre 6-8.

  8. Thanks John for that explanation… :D

    A movie can have good quality and be enertaining, yet for some reason it didn’t appeal to you… the flaws kept eatting at your mind or it just wasn’t wht you expected so that can bother you.

  9. DD wonders how you have time to do this blog.

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