Hate Mail

Hate Mail for “The Dark Knight Sucks” Site

Although this site has actually gotten more positive mail than negative, here is a sampling of some of the more colorful emails received:



You must be either seriously bored, deluded or just a total toss pot to make a site so devoted to hating a film who’s success is evident whether you liked it or not.

Obviously, that is your issue, you have no control and are jealous of the success of said film and there is nothing you can do about it at all.

Thats my feedback. I just managed to stumble on you site randomy and decided to take a peek for a laugh, which I certainly got!”


Hey jackass. I’d like to discuss with you exactly WHY this film is perfection, and prove you wrong on all points. I’ll be waiting on the AIM name G*********x.

If you don’t have it then grow a pair and install it, I don’t want to light a verbal fire under your ass at an email pace.”


nice site dude

its your opinion

but ur opinion sucks

so what kinda fagboy uh i mean fanboy are u
300,spiderfag, tim burtons fagman?

tell me and i will find 3 4 times the flaws u find in that particular movie


pathetic if it sucks so much why devote ur time to a website stating it suckness

your life sucks thats why
you are lacking a life

dude serisouly start a website www.ineedalife.com LOLZ

patethic piece of shit”


well, I guess everything wonderful in the public eye needs a counterforce to keep the balance. for christ’s sake, man, TDK was fantastic. sure, there were a few irregularities, but it’s BATMAN. just let us enjoy the movie. heath ledger did a “decent job” as the joker? give me a break. he was stellar. you’re just one more in a group of douches that wants to rock the boat. if the news was that everyone’s saying TDK sucked, your poser ass would be posting a website telling everyone how awesome it is. go do something original. you’re a good writer- use that for enlightening the people, not being an asshat and raining on everyone’s parade.”


you suck big cock you big fag”


I understand the desire to make your opinion heard but to say that a movie “sucks” because you personally don’t like it, is a bit shallow. It would be a fair statement to say “I THINK the Dark Knight sucks…heres why.” Please understand that while opinions are perfectly fine and should be shared, statements such as the one made by this website are not indicitive of the majority of peoples feelings and therefor should not be considered fact or even a general idea. Thanks for listening.”


lol wtf get yourselfs some lives it own you prbably only think it suck becuase you sit and wank at goodfather and now this movie came and blew it away …..or you maybe do not afford the tickets to the cinema ..GOSH !!”


… Why do you want to rattle the cages? MOTHERFUCKA!”


dude, are you serious. you go out on a limb on everything you mention. did you seriously not enjoy this film at all? all you mention is minor who gives a shit issues. name one fuckin movie without any continuity, editing, sound, makeup/costume, story/plot, acting, or directing problems at all. i think this is quite pathetic and dude for real, dont you have anything better to do than make a whole friggin website about how you think a wildly popular (not hyped, people genuily liked it, i really enjoyed it, i went in skeptical, just like most people, BECAUSE of the hype and left surprised) sucked?! for real what do you do for a living? lol cause you sure have way too much time on your hands. this whole website was pointless and everything you ever mention here could have just been posted in IMDB’s Goof’s section for the Dark Knight, (a sight that over 104,000 people voted the Dark Knight to be the number one movie, stop acting like your smarter than everyone else).”


Sorry, but you and the four others on this site will never get your claim to fame. Your opinions will never be heard let alone forgotten. Nobody is going to change their mind or rethink about this movie due to you. Nobody is going to see as the enlightened one. Nobody knows you let alone be able to forget you.

Your power of speech has been trampled by the masses who enjoyed this film and the critics who have *gasp* credibility, whom praised this film. And that is what makes you angry, otherwise why create this site. But you failed even before you began.

Any deluded idiot can nitpick a film, and that is ALL you’ve done. Anybody could’ve have picked it up. You give the masses less credit than they deserve. Does that mean the film sucks? Doesn’t matter, nobody has heard of you, nor will they ever. Nobody is talking about you or your thoughts. Nobody is mentioning you in the forums. Nobody cares. You failed.

BTW, I highly suspect that some people here are Burtonite idiots who love horrible Batman adaptations.!”

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