They Must Have All Been iPhones

Most movies require you to suspend at least SOME amount of disbelief, otherwise we could never enjoy ourselves watching a piece of fiction.  However, the basis of the new Batman franchise, starting with “Batman Begins” is an attempt to ground the Batman lore into reality.  REAL reality.  Yes, a guy dressed as a bat who fights [...]

Now You See It, Now You Don't

The sloppy editing starts to get unnerving.  Perhaps the reason for it is that the original cut went well past 3 hours, or perhaps some scenes needed editing to avoid an “R” rating, but nonetheless the result was a number of places in the movie which suffered from poor or mis-timed editing.
Here’s one:
The Joker crashes [...]

Everyone Was Kung Foo Fightin

Just about all the fight scenes with Batman in them were too confusing, dark, and too closely shot.  This was one of the only drawbacks of the first film, but seemed to get significantly worse in TDK.  Stuff like this works in horror or suspense files like Alien, but for action movies they are crap.  [...]

Gotham is a District of Chicago

Tim Burton’s Gotham from his first Batman movie was epic.  None too realistic, but so immersing and cinematic that it filled the role. It was literally one of the characters.  I recall some commentary about how the set design was planned and one of the designers stated, I believe, that they considered what New York [...]

Life is Like a Box of Jokers

Apparently, crazy is as crazy does, and needs no further explanation.  The Joker is first introduced in TDK rather brilliantly, as dangerous, psychotic, and reasonably well-played by Heath Ledger.  The problem is, other than his own dialogue in 2 moments of the movie about his father that he hated who gave him is facial scars, [...]

Apparently Batman Gargles Rocks

I loved “Batman Begins”, it was an excellent reboot of a series that seriously needed it.  I remember when I was a teenager and went to see the first Tim Burton Batman movie, I was floored at how good it was, and it didn’t get unseated until “Batman Begins”.
When Christian Bale roughed his voice a [...]

The Mayor Has Eyeliner

I know I wasn’t the only one.  When the Mayor of Chicago (I mean Gotham) was introduced, my first thought was “Hm, seems like a bit of a youngish looking actor to play the Mayor, but OK.” Then as a close-up shot focuses onto his face, my next thought was “…wait… is that… eyeliner?”  It [...]

From Dent to Bent in The Blink of an Eye

So here we have a courageous District Attorney, Harvey Dent, one who is passionate about cleaning up the city and upholding the law.  Although Rachel Dawes is his girlfriend, we are not shown any real passion or love between them.  Allegedly he loves her, which is shown in the form of asking him to marry [...]