Null Key Encryption

Ah so this crap is all over cable now.

The scene where Bruce tells Lucious about the massive sonar computer/contraption and implies that it’s super-secure and only accessible to one person – Lucious.  He states that it’s “null key encrypted”.


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  1. Seriously… no one cares anymore (I did out of sincere pity)… there are worse movies to rip apart poorly.

    Long live ‘The Dark Knight’…

  2. Soooo you know a movie is good when people make sites against it in which they nit pick minor details and pretend like they are major plot holes! This may not be the correct term but how many viewers would actually know that? It is like the Rico thing it just sounds good and technical in dialogue!

    Game Over, but first can you make sites for all the great movies ever made nit-picking like this because I loved LMAO reading this site! Thanks so much TDKSucks!

  3. Funny, I saw it again recently and that was one of the things that caught my ear.

    It’s one of those movies where you discover one new stupid thing after another …

  4. People addressed that issue in the thread: Rico is a federal law, but like many (most) federal laws is prosecutable by a local DA. Also, my reading of the scene was that it was (one of) the law(s) that Dent already had in mind when they planned to question Lau (DAs always have several paths of attack in mind when they interview suspects/witnesses) and that the interview Rachel conducted merely confirmed that particular legal attack/tactic’s viability.

  5. Null Key is a misunderstanding though, I’ll grant you. Although, Null-key doesn’t necessarily mean no incription as its an open system that a lock/key can be applied over. (which I guess we can assume Bruce did. Someone as well knowledged as Fox shouldhave noticed the mis-lable though). Very minor script error however, I think m ost people would agree.

  6. Sorry, the Dark Knight fucking sucked. End of Story. Heath Ledger was fucking terrible as the Joker. Apperantly he never read any comics.

  7. you people have no lives, go jerkoff to someshit you stupid fucks…. that movie was great…

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