Finally catching on…

Found this great blog post ripping TDK, as it should be ripped:

Why I Hated The Dark Knight

From that page, I also found this:

The Dark Knight Plot Hole Repository

The more this is talked about, the more people finally find sanity and reason.

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  1. Good God -

    Why do so many people spend so much time arguing with other peoples’ opinions? Argh!

    Wait – did you think I was talking about the people who HATE “The Dark Knight”?

    No – I’m talking about the people (read: “sheep”) who say that they LOVE “The Dark Knight” – and every time someone points out what a badly crafted film it was, they practically PEE themselves with rage.

    Welcome to the real world, kids – people not only get to HAVE opinions different from your own, they get to TALK about them, as well.

    You want to spend six months (or more) of your freakin’ life RAVING about this crappy movie, but no one is allowed to say a SINGLE thing against it? What fascist world were you brought up in? Sheesh.

    More to the point – “The Dark Knight” sucked.

    And, like the writer of this blog, I could go point-by-point, scene-by-scene and actually describe to you HOW it was a bad movie. To be honest, in doing so, I would also come across those moments where I actually thought something was good, but when you can only find 1 thing to like among a baker’s dozen of bad things you hate, that doesn’t make for a good film. Let alone “THE BEST MOVIE EVER.”

    But why bother? It’s clear that the #1 fan of “The Dark Knight” has got something going on in their brain that I just can’t fathom. Is it ADD? Is it immaturity? Is it the fact that they need to actually watch more movies? (By the way kids, there is no WAY Heath Ledger’s performance in “The Dark Knight” is “better” than Anthony Hopkins’ in “Silence of the Lambs.” NONE. Period. End of discussion.Try watching it and then decide. Don’t just pretend you watched and express an opinion on something you know nothing about. That’s dumb.)

    There is a much deeper and serious problem here than why “The Dark Knight” was such a bad film (I think it’s because it was made by a Hollywood film studio – but that’s just me). The real problem here is the total lack of Critical Thinking ( that exists nowadays and the almost zombie-like way so many people are clinging to the lie forced-fed them by the WB marketing machine.

    This was NOT an “amazing” movie. Neither was it “fun”, “awesome”, “cool”, “intelligent”, “scary”, “riveting”, “groundbreaking” – or any of the other indefensible adjectives being hurled at it.

    I feel like opening a clinic where people can be “deprogrammed” from slobbering over themselves about this film. It really is like brain-washing, isn’t it? Scary.

    But it’s good to see and hear other people who not only agree that this was a pretty lame-ass movie, and that the HYPE is totally unjustified and inexplicable, but that they aren’t afraid to speak up and say it.

    Wanna make fun of “The Dark Knight”? You can get professional help right here:

  2. I totally agree that this movie was long, dull and basically overhyped crap! What a shame that they followed a wonderful, cerebral psycological study into the characters like Batman Begins (A fantastic film) with this standard-plotted, violence-filled 2 1/2 hours, that felt like 4! (GOD I WAS BORRRREEDDD!!!!)
    I hated almost everything about this film, from the Joker who looked like a mop covered in mascara and lipstic , to the overt violence (The lack thereof was one of the best things about BB) …the ONLY thing I enjoyed about TDK was the fact that the WORST Batmobile in history, the “Tumbler” was destroyed!!!!
    (Maybe now they can give us a REAL Batmobile with fins!!!!!!!!!!)

  3. This movie is a simply a joke (specially with all the buzz in internet), I rarely seen a movie so boring, specially a comics movie, there are no really action sequence, the actors are bad (specially Batman when he talk, it seem he have bitten his own tongue), I have also a problem with Heat Ledger performance in this movie, for me he seem to try to look like Brandon Lee in the crow, the same make up, the same style in the way he act (but I prefer the Brandon Lee crow), I find that pathetic to do that.
    People complain about Spider-man 3 (I don’t see specially the reason, specially if you have loved the first two), but at least there are lot of action, bad guys, special effects, lot of references to the comics (the scare in Harry Osborn face, sins past, etc…) we feel the high budget in this movie and Spider-Man movies in general, but for me Dark Knight look like a bad low budget movie like we can see in TV, Spider-man 3 want to be a popcorn movie and do a very good job, Dark Knight try to be the most incredible movie in the world (according the fans) but can’t to find his own style, we don’t know if he try to be a polar movie, a comics movie, a violent movie but without violent sequence (surely because they don’t have any artistic courage), he don’t have his own style, and have failed to be realistic comics adaptation (unlike Iron Man) because we don’t feel the comics style, if I want to see a good polar, I don’t waste my time to see a comics movie, I will try French Connection or another real polar movie.

  4. I really glad to see your amazing website and that others (like your links) for to give others opinions, I see lot of fans try to attack you, they don’t seem like your opinion about their movie, maybe simply because what you have said about the Dark Knight is simply true.

    Again great works and continue your amazing website about this pathetic movie.

  5. DrChadFeelgood,

    Grow up. You accuse TDK fans of being lunatics yet you behave the same way. You act as if your opinion is a universal fact and anyone who disagrees is stupid, ignorant, doesn’t watch many movies, etc. Stop being a fascist.

    By the way “kid” I and many other critics put Ledger’s performance on the same level as Hopkins in SOTL…. does that mean we are all wrong for disagreeing with your all knowing opinion ? No so please stop this ” what I say is correct, end of story” crap and get over yourself.

  6. “maybe simply because what you have said about the Dark Knight is simply true”.

    His opinion is true… so according to you his opinion is fact. Are you by chance under the age of 12 ?

    I didn’t love the film like so many but I don’t behave like me not liking the movie means anyone who likes it is wrong. Get over yourself.

  7. “Found this great blog post ripping TDK, as it should be ripped:

    The more this is talked about, the more people finally find sanity and reason”.

    When you say stuff like that it’s impossible to take you seriously. I thought this website would have some interesting debates from smart people who understand fims. Instead what I got was a bunch of people who think that anyone who disagrees with their opinion about a film is insane, delusional, etc. As for the person who made this site all I can say is that it’s really sad that you have nothing better to do with your time than make anti popular movie websites and behave like a fascist and surf the web for anything or anyone who agrees with your opinion.

    I didn’t love TDK or hate it but I accept the fact that it will be remembered as a great film(nearly perfect reviews from critics, tons of award noms including 8 Oscar noms). It’s time you accepted it, got over it and moved on with your life.

    Sorry for the rant but I just find your lifestlye very sad and pathetic.

  8. I’m just disapointed he hasn’t started a `watchmensucks’ website yet. Or has he… nope. Damn.

  9. Next comes the Anti TDK rallys… bring your own food.

    Some people take movies way too seriously.

  10. Yeah Rick, you’ll find a lot of this “my opinion is fact, and anyone else that thinks otherwise is just a sheep” mindset around here.

    Its actually pretty ironic, because the entire purpose of this site was to start up debate over the movie, but when someone says they liked the movie/ defends it, all that happens is a bunch of people jump all over them responding with “You’re just a sheep, you’re just immature, my opinion is fact, I am vastly more intelligent than you could ever hope to be, I am basically the Messiah, and that is all.”

    Of course I do not mind if somebody hated the movie. That will not effect my life in any way, whatsoever. But I have to admit it is annoying when somebody believes you should be exiled from society for appreciating such a “factually not-good” film.

  11. Jac I think these people are just bitter at the movie’s success. They know their opinions mean nothing in the real world and that TDK will be remembered as a great film because of it’s critical reviews and awards.

  12. Bitter? The ONLY thing I’M bitter about, was wasting good money to see this thing, then spend almost 3 hours bored out of my head…..this movie was in NO way as good as Batman Begins!
    (my other comments on the film can be read in the post i made in January on this page.

  13. Mikado I also prefer Batman Begins but I am saying that the people who treat their opinion like facts are the ones who are bitter. They act as if anyone who doesn’t think TDK sucks is “deluded” and a “sheep”.

  14. By the way Mikado the Tumbler is based on Frank Miller’s graphic novels.

  15. yeah I know….I don’t really care for Frank Miller’s art

  16. I happened to like the Dark Knight.

    I also happen to hate the novel, Catcher in the Rye. Tho it is popular, I dislike it. While I could drum up a swarm of obscenities about the book, I don’t personally target its fans as “sheep” or “idiots.”

    No common sense, I belive I said early on, but I regret that one. It was wrong of me to say that.

    It is not a good idea to hold onto the delusion you are “better” than everyone else for hating something they all like. I’m not an outside observer to this, I confess. Some of you should tone these posts down. If not, then grow up. Seriously.

  17. Well Rick, you shouldn’t lump everyone who commented here in the same boat either; I hated this movie on my own, and the “deluded sheep” stuff was the opinon of the guy who wrote the blog; blame him if those comments upset you, not everyone who wrote in, agreeing that it was a terrible movie, (Which it was)

  18. Kiddo, whether or not it was terrible is a matter of opinion. You saying it sucks doesn’t make it a fact. Get over yourself. The movie got great reviews from mostly everyone.

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