Made it to #15, Probably Still Climbing

As I reported a few days ago, this site was climbing up’s “blog of the day” page which is updated daily.  It’s been on their BOTD pages for over a week and it’s now reached #15 globally and #8 for “English” language blogs (sorry I don’t have a permanent link for that).  The [...]

Blog of the Day at for 3 days

I hadn’t seen this before but seems that this site was featured on’s “Blogs of the Day” page, which gets updated daily.
Here are the days so far:

July 25, 2008 (# 31)
July 24, 2008 (# 40)
July 23, 2008 (# 55)

Today so far it’s #45.  Not bad considering hosts (as of this minute) 3,651,183 blogs [...]