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  1. Nobody decides to get wet and go swimming when their ferry boat might get blown up. No rescue boats come to help them. They seriously just decide to wait it out.

  2. Sorry, i forgot that nobody except the Ferry members knew about Joker’s little game. Im an idiot.

    And i forgot that Joker said that if anybody leaves the Ferry he’ll blow them up

  3. The power gets shut off of the ferry boats and they sit in the water for an hour… yet no rescue boats come and ask what’s up. In real life a rescuse boat or coast guard or something would show up in 10 minutes.

    I did not remember them say if anybody leaves the ferry he’ll blow them up though. So, my mistake there.

  4. hey fuck this site, by the way batman bnds the gun with the help of a hydrolic device that is clearly shown, if you paid attention you’d know that just like you’d know the movie doesnt suck

  5. After having all the skin/lips burned off on half of his face, how was Harvey’s enunciation not affected at all?

  6. A few suggestions:

    1) Two-face’s CGI-rama face. The movie almost entirely avoided gaudy animation, and the charred-skin make-up that just showed when Dent is only showing us his good side rocked, yet they chose to use exceptionally fake-looking cgi for his actual full-frontal. As soon as he menacingly turns to face forward for the camera (which happens like 4 times, unnecessarily), the charred make-up and believable asymmetry disappear in favor of what looks like a 2001 video game. So much for grounding it all in reality.

    2) The joker’s unlimited resources. He prides himself on working alone, constantly killing all his accomplices. He alienates himself from the mob by using them and taking things too far. Yet every time he decides to make a threat, he somehow has the man-power and resources to plant a large bomb in what must have been 40 rooms of a hospital (and parking garage), etc.

    3) Batman’s true arch-nemesis is this movie is… not the Joker (who doesn’t want to kill him because he’s too much fun), not Two-Face (who really just wants to kill Gordon and/or flip a coin all day), but the freaking DOGS. Last movie he could ninja whoop 4 or 5 fully trained ninja badasses at once, yet this time it only takes 2 rotweillers to bring him to the ground and make him weak enough to be held down by the scrawny joker with a thin piece of wood.

    Not to mention the suit-change (though necessary after the laughable range of neck-motion that has persisted for so many years), made far less sense coming in this movie. A lighter, more flexible, less protective suit makes sense when he’s fist fighting, say, Raz-Alghoul’s ninjas. A more protective suit with better armor, even sacrificing movement, makes more sense when he’s fighting a gang of terrorists with guns, bombs and dogs. It was a weird time/place to change it so unceremoniously.

  7. Was it necessary to have a bacground orchestra playing in every scene? At some point in a movie I just want the acting and diaglogue to set the tone instead of being pandered to by the director’s inclusion of mood setting music.

  8. I don’t remember either, but doesn’t Batman do something to prevent Joker’s remote detonator from working on the boats? Considering he gave a deadline, why didn’t he just use a timer?


    Suggested topic — why do they have to pin those TwoFace kills on Batman? Why not just say it was the Joker, his gang, or the mob? Seems like an easy fix to me. Or the fact that those kills were either criminals or corrupt cops, who is really going to care? Or what about Det. Ramirez who is threatened by TwoFace, is she just going to forget (or never tell anyone) that it was Dent?

  9. How about the fact that if we removed the basic appearance and the occasional chuckle, the joker is no different than any other psycho killer? There have been a number of comparisons in reviews to Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men to “new” Joker — isn’t that a bad thing?

    Heath Ledger did a great job portraying a psycho in make-up. I just think he could have easily been playing John Wayne Gacy and not the Joker.

  10. Harvey’s Two-Face side looked like the aliens from Mars Attacks. I was shuddering at the fact that he was in a car accident, large fight, etc with no eyelid and his face basically falling apart. I know it’s a comic book movie, but everything else is well executed, and it made him almost not intimidating since it was so unreal.

    Also, the mob boss Maroni (played by Eric Roberts) gets thrown off a fire escape about four stories high and we hear a snap crackle pop from his leg region. Later in the movie, he and another character are talking outside the hospital and he’s standing completely normal (no casts, support, wheelchair, etc). Later, he gets into the car with a cane. Give me a break (pun intended).

  11. “by the way batman bnds the gun with the help of a hydrolic device that is clearly shown, if you paid attention you’d know that just like you’d know the movie doesnt suck”

    As I mentioned to someone else, I noticed the hydrolic device (afterwards when he slammed his hand into the vehicle he jumped on the side of).

    I’ll repeat my reply on that: That’s all find & good – a hydrolic device – but there is something in physics called tension and leverage. If you are holding a rifle and someone comes over to bend the tip, the tension going to first give (like a see-saw) on the other side. The rifle would have to be in a mechanical vice grip in order to be bent that way without the tension issue.

  12. This site is awesome. I am done with American films, Hollywood if this is somehow the best of the best. I had many problems with this film. It wasn’t totally bad but it isn’t stuff you haven’t seen any other action movie. I will start with the issues as I noticed them.

    1. Yawwwwwn. Beginning is so boring. I can barely remember what happened in the first 40 minutes of the film. Something about Harvey Dent. Wayne is rich. Blah, blah. Gary Oldman is the good guy cop. Something about Honk Kong.

    2. Action Sequences are standard car chases with that ugly bat mobile. The action sequences are ok, but so lackluster. It is either a car chase or batman beating up someone. What are in the car chases? Batman drives around and people shoot at him or the caravan he is protecting. What are in the fight scenes? Batman punches and kicks and the bad dudes just kind of stand there. Can we toy with the idea that Batman is severely outnumbered. Have him locked away and escape, maybe that he has to actually work to fight these guys.

    3. The girl was typical girl that the good guys like. I like Maggie in most of her roles but she didn’t shine at all in this one. I couldn’t believe that Maggie and Dent were together. Was Wayne into her too? I couldn’t tell. She had what? 20-30 words in the whole film. Bah. Maybe she was edited in at the last moment. We could have photoshopped her out of the movie, replaced her with someone else and I wouldn’t have noticed.

    4. Christian Bale doesn’t say much, is not very charismatic, or tough in this film. I guess he has made all of his money (Bale), what does he care. He doesn’t have to try anymore. What exactly did he do in this film? Mumbled out a couple of one-liners?

    5. Creativity – There is no creativity with this film. Joker was good. but everyone else so wooden. Same elements from every action movie every created. There is a swat team. Cops. A good buy with a suit. A bad guy with rockets and machine guns. A super car. Yawwwwn. Dumb citizens. Batman jumping on building with jumper cables or something. I wanted to bang my head in theater.

    Look at Batman Begins, there are some elements that you don’t normally see.

    Dialog – With all of the money that this film had from the last films, you would think that they could get creative with the script writing. Same good guy/bad guy lines. “I knew the mob wouldn’t go down without a fight. But this is different. They crossed the line.”… “People are dying. What would you have me do? ”

    At first I thought the movie was ok. Then after reading this sight, my instincts were right. It wasn’t that good.

    American cinema is done; check out Korean, Chinese, European, international films.

    Those were my hot button issues.

  13. “The power gets shut off of the ferry boats and they sit in the water for an hour… yet no rescue boats come and ask what’s up. In real life a rescue boat or coast guard or something would show up in 10 minutes.”

    This is a good point too.

    Not to mention that the Joker puts all of this sophisticated bomb work in but doesn’t link up the bomb to actually go off at 12, has to do it manually? WTF. Also, WHY are believing what the criminal says? Why didn’t the citizens question that the Joker might have the bomb go off for their own boat as opposed to the opposite one. That whole scene seemed to gimmicky.

  14. Why did Comissioner Gordon’s little child with a heart full of hope and courage get rewritten as a boy? The Comissioner’s child is usually a girl called Barbara. Why couldn’t that role have been played by a little girl? Can’t a little girl have a heart full of hope and courage too?

  15. They did show he had a daughter, looked around the same age as the son, though they didn’t use her as prominently, she had no lines or discernable presence.

  16. I thought it was really convenient that Batman decided to change to a suit vulnerable ONLY TO KNIVES when he was about to face the Joker, who ONLY USES KNIVES.

    Yay convenience!

    Also Batman looks fat and is still slow after he dog-proofing.

  17. I think as articles are added (addressing things here in the suggestions page), I’ll remove the redundant suggestions to keep this page manageable. So far working great, lots of people are reminding me of a lot of things worthy of noting on this site.

  18. I’ve Got Gas.

    How is it that a bus can back into a concrete wall fast enough to break cement with no structural damage to the bus? I know for sure that if I was walking down the street and saw a bus slam into a bank I’d at least be curious enough to break stride and see what’s going on. I’m also fairly certain that if I was a bus driver in a long chain of buses, the bus in front of me that just pulled out of a bank, covered in debris, being driven by a scarred Alice Cooper would warrant at least an inquisitive radio to dispatch. Something along the lines of, “dispatch, bus 23 over,” “a bus with no kids in it just pulled out of a giant hole in Gotham Bank and Trust right before 15 squad cars drove by me, is this part of the new schedule?”

    Having never been shot before, I can’t attest to the sensation, but why does it make both of your arms go completely limp? And why would I be unable to spit out the giant cannister of noxious gas that I just allowed Marylin Manson to stick in my mouth? I knew I’d regret going Wyatt Earp on the armed bank robbers but now they’re just humiliating me.

  19. Why was the big prisoner able to intimidate the warden into giving him the detonator while the guard standing right behind him with a shotgun does nothing?

    And amidst all the security, hundreds of barrels went unnoticed in the engine room until they were in the middle of the river? Were they smuggled on after they started the engines, or do you start a huge ferry by turning a key like a jet ski?

  20. The Gotham DA comes up with the brilliant idea of using the federal RICO statute to go after his mobsters? Does he want to hand over the case to a federal prosecutor?

  21. In Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, Christian Bale proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is terrible. His upper lip is thin and curly and not in the least bit intimidating. Also not intimidating, the complete nonsense gravelly voice he uses as Batman. I understand wanting to disguise your voice, but do you need to sound like emphysema patient? I’m sorry but if you do a movie adaption of a comic series don’t you think maybe, just maybe, the voices might be important? Granted you can’t listen to a comic but it is assumed when you read them that Batman doesn’t have your 83 year old grandpa’s voice. Give me Keaton, give me Clooney, give me… well OK don’t give me Kilmer, but please get this silly little man out of the role of Batman for future installments.

  22. The biggest disappointment in the film was the ending. Gordon and batman decide to frame batman for dent’s murders because dent gave people hope. But don’t the joker, maroni, rameriez, and all of Gordon’s family, all of whom dent neglected to kill, know the truth? If even one of them suggested that dent killed people, then batman’s whole plan would have been in vain.

    Put that together with the bullshit building and ferries scene (already commented upon here), and you have a pretty big bullshit, cop out ending.

  23. 1) Lucious Fox quits his CEO position because Batman is “spying” on people to catch the joker,……but he’s totally OK with helping Batman design weapons of mass destruction, and tanks, etc. ?????

    2) The ending with Batman running away in the dark ally doing the “dude, where’s my bat pod..” skit was kind of goofy. I understand he’s probably tired from fighting and tying up the 6 swat team members, 4 rottweilers jumping his ass, Joker beating him up with a metal rod, and then getting shot by 2 face….At least put his running in slow-motion or something, and try to glorify it….

    3) Also,, Why was Batman’s mask crooked and messed up looking? Anyone else notice you can only see 1 of Bale’s eyes all the scenes, especially the interrogation scene? The back is too bulgy and it makes him look like a power ranger.. The nose on the mask looks ridiculously big too.. he almost does look like a flying rodent.

  24. *lol* you could apply for the hatelisting of TDK and add it as a part of this site.

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, but no matter how well I like a movie, I can never stop looking for flaws, will check back here every now and then ;)

  25. How about mentioning Alfred’s ruthlessness. Every time Wayne mentions that he’s not sure if he should continue, Alfred’s all like “The joker is a terrorist, hes the bad guy” and “Keep doing what youre doing, even if it kill half of Gotham.” And after Rachel, a lifelong friend of his, is brutally murdered in an explosion, he doesn’t even shed a tear. He just makes breakfast and tells Batman to keep fighting. I think Alfred died a long time ago and Bruce just replaced him with an Alfred-bot that is only programmed to give him encouraging advice and make stupid quips. And talk about burning down forests.

  26. So, was I the only one wondering where Batman’s detective skills suddenly came from? There was no sign of them, or him learning them, in Batman Begins.

    When he said to Gordon, in his ridiculously overdone Batman voice, ‘Give me ten minutes before your men contaiminate the scene” was I the only one who thought “Um Bruce, they’re trained detectives and you’re a guy with some ninja skills and an armoured suit.”

  27. Is Gotham a state somewhere or is Gotham City so awesome it gets its own license plates?

    Why didn’t the Joker bleed when Batman was beating him up in the interrogation room?

  28. 1) Now, I’m not a cop, but if I was going to transport dozens of felons on a civilian ferry, I would give it a quick security sweep first. I mean, I would hope I would notice DOZENS OF BARRELS OF EXPLOSIVES down in the lower decks. But like I said, I’m not a cop.

    2) The people of Gotham are completely mindless. The Joker smuggles enough explosives into Gotham General Hospital to level the entire building, and yet NO ONE NOTICES. Not one doctor, not one nurse, not one custodian swinging a mop, not even a cop. Oh wait, I forgot, we’ve already established that the Gotham PD are all idiots. Never mind.

  29. I see all of these “But how did this happen” scenarios, and questions as to why didn’t this happen. Because it’s a movie?

    Gotham city isn’t a real place. There is no reason why this or that didn’t happen. It’s a fictional story, with fictional characters, that is ment to entertain. Entertain it did, as it broke about every record there is for movie sales.

    Also, 98% of comments made by anyone about questionable Batman actions or can’t figure out how he’s so good, have never heard of Batman before.

  30. “Entertain it did, as it broke about every record there is for movie sales.”

    So what? Spider-man 3 broke tons of records, too, but it had plenty of problems that detracted from it (mostly story problems and a few seriously embarassing scenes). If every media outlet on the planet is hyping something, by the very nature of that it will spur huge box office. In the case of TDK, seems people are willing to be blind to the problems so they can hold onto the claim that it’s a “masterpiece”. Both the hype and the delusion – and unwillingness of all but a few people to acknowledge pretty significant flaws – seem to influence the perception of the masses to just go along with the perception. Doesn’t say much about society, that legit criticism isn’t tolerated.

  31. I can give a lot of the minor criticisms a pass, but what was a big issue for me was the glaring plot hole in the middle. The Joker, is so certain of his own arrest and this arrest is so integral to his “plan” that he surgically implants a cell phone bomb into one of his men, and knows in advance that Rachel Dawes and Dent will be kidnapped and to where they will be taken.

    However what he doesn’t know is when or if he will be arrested, and the person who actually does arrest him was assumed dead by everybody, including Batman. In fact the Joker does not even know if he will be alive since he invites death from Batman who is driving toward him on the road. Without the Joker’s arrest Dent does not fall, Lau is not found, Rachel does not die, and the Joker doesn’t take over the mob. In order for him to be arrested an improbable series of events have to unfold; Gordon lives, and no one knows he is alive, the Batman does not kill the Joker, the Joker does not kill the Batman/Dent, the Joker’s human bomb is also arrested, etc.

  32. “The biggest disappointment in the film was the ending. Gordon and batman decide to frame batman for dent’s murders because dent gave people hope. But don’t the joker, maroni, rameriez, and all of Gordon’s family, all of whom dent neglected to kill, know the truth? If even one of them suggested that dent killed people, then batman’s whole plan would have been in vain. ”

    Maroni was assumed killed in the car accident, and ramirez was in deep with the mob, Gordon could buy her silence, and his family wouldn’t say anything. And who would believe anything the Joker said?

  33. Fuck this site up the ass.

    - from your friends at No Homers

  34. Am I the only one who was disgusted by Maggie Glennyhal? I was seriously happy when she died because I thought she was ugly.

  35. “Fuck this site up the ass.”

    Thanks, and come back again soon!

  36. I want to see a real bat mobile. a bat plane. a bat boat. it has already been 6 long hours. and where is robin? bat woman? cat woman? the riddler? the iceman? poison ivy? penguin? This is going to take awhile. Wake me up in about… 12 hours.

  37. Couple more things

    1) The restaurant scene with Harvey, Bruce, and Rachel.. They queue the romantic music while Dent is talking, and they show Wayne all lovey dovey-eyed and I’m thinking great….they’re finally cementing the romantic bonds between Rachel and Bruce (because in the first movie, they ended as just friends, right?) but No…..Bruce was ogling Dent! What a Brokeback moment.. Did Bale portray the wrong emotion there?

    Maybe it’s just me though, but I was slightly confused.

    2) The car crash with Dent and Maroni?…….OK…..this seat belt will surely save me, as I shoot the driver and let the car flip a few times. I hope my messed-up eye is still in place after that. What a retarded way to kill someone….Why not just shoot Maroni, and then get the driver to stop the car, and then kill the driver? Duh…

  38. If you disliked the movie so much, why take waste your time and energy on hating it, and making a site about it? Just move on, dude. Sheesh! And by the way, it doesn’t make you cool just to hate something that’s popular. If people love and enjoy this movie let them enjoy it, it’s not your problem.

    And one other thing: you’re all criticizing the smallest faults! It’s JUST. A. MOVIE!!!

  39. I almost got up and left during ths scene where

    Dent holds the gun on Gordon’s wife and kids. It was sadistic. I know people have to face conflicts in film, but this one was low and ugly.

    And why is everyone going on about how Dent is such a great guy? They keep saying over and over that he is “the best Gotham has” but I see no evidence of it in the film. Okay, he puts bad guys in jail — isn’t that what D.A.s are supposed to do? Director Nolan forgets that age-old cliche “show, don’t tell.”

    And the ending is a huge WTF? What on earth are they on about? Why is Batman now “the hunted” (other than that will be the premise of the next film)? Why does Harvey Dent have to be made into a hero? It is an interesting idea, but I wish they had actually provided a real reason for why this has to be the case.

    As you can see, I pretty much hate Harvey Dent. He gets more screen time than Batman and the Joker. They should have called this the movie “The Harvey Dent Story.” I would rather see “The Bucky Dent Story.”

    “The Dark Knight” is a tedious and incomprehensible bummer. “Iron Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” and especially “Hellboy II” are all vastly superior movies.

  40. Suggestions?

    How about pick a real fault with the film?

    The film is not perfect, not at all, but so far in all your articles, I’ve read them all, they are mostly shit and almost always wrong. You have outlined one fault and that was about the editing in the party scene.

    However all of the rest of the stuff you have mentioned is completely wrong.

    For example the one thing you keep going on about: Batman’s suit being more vulnerable to knives, the weapon that Joker seems to favour etc.

    If you actually paid attention you would notice that he says “Knives and guns.” as in, weapons in general, as in the armour only protects the vital spots in order to give him more mobility and be the first bat suit that Batman can actually turn his head in, which helps him later in the fight. He would have been fucked in the fight with the Joker without it.

    Also, he does notice the dogs, its shown clearly in a shot, if you were paying attention you would have picked it up. Its kinda hard to tackle 3 large rabid dogs, knowing that The Joker is about as wild as them, oh yeah you were probably too stupid to realise all of the foreshadowing of The Joker acting like a dog. The licking of his lips, the driving the police car scene etc. To represent he has a connection with wild animals, because thats what he is.

    Of course, I don’t expect you to understand the concept of symbolism.

    Also, The Joker isn’t puny, far from it. In the comics his strength has always varied, but he has always been energetic and incredibly agile, if he was puny he wouldn’t have been able to do half of the things in the film he had already done.

    A wound does appear on The Joker’s cheek, he manages to turn away to avoid the brunt of it, but it gives Batman the edge to push him off. One thing you probably missed was The Joker had his knees in Batman’s ribs, an iron bar on his throat and a knife pointed at his face……so whether you have been in the UFC or not, he would have cut you to ribbons.

    Oh yeah, and also the whole Two Face coin thing was created in August 1942. Bearing in mind No Country For Old Men was written in 2005 I would say he was about 63 years too late to ‘coin’ the idea for himself. See what I did there? Oops looks like you were wrong again :P

    Do I really need to point out why you were wrong on almost everything? :P

    I think I’ve made my point.

    Oh and also, you complimented Christopher Nolan without even intending to. Comparing the film to Heat was exactly what he wanted. Which was one of the reasons why he used William Fichtner as the bank manager at the beginning, the same man who played the bank manager in Heat. Of course I wouldn’t expect someone with a website like this to genuinely understand films.

    Good day.

  41. Thank God! I found a site that is not treating this movie as the next coming of Christ!

  42. why didn’t anyone on the boat even question the validity of what the joker was saying? couldn’t it have been a trick? that the detonators would’ve blown their own boat up as some sort of sick joke? that was my first thought, and nobody else seemed to question it.

    the movie was boring. like watching law and order for 2 hours except with batman.

    oh, and how did he suddenly appear in the interrogation room?

    this movie sucked.

  43. oh, and another thought…who were the joker’s minions and why would they follow him, especially if it’s established in the opening scene that he’s willing to kill his own men! was all of gotham in on the joker’s plans? because for someone so “crazy” and “irrational” he was able to pull off some pretty complicated schemes.

  44. Isn’t it a mute point that The Dark Knight “sucks”. I mean film is subjective. Every one walks away having a different experience. I happen to really enjoy the entertainment value of the film even though it has a decent amount of flaws. Still, I don’t feel the need to dedicate a large portion of time and energy into making a website entitled Why The Dark Knight Is OFF the FUCKING Chain or something equal to it. Ya get what I’m saying? It’s a pretty big waste of your time spent here doing this, and I think you should be working on raising your personal self esteem some other way than by trying to get peoples goats or actually getting people to agree with you. Just my two cents is all.

  45. Wow. A web site dedicated to a film. Why? Because the film is popular. What do you think you will achieve? I will tell you what you will achieve. Nothing. No one will change their minds after seeing poorly written, badly spelt critiques of The Dark Knight.

    Tell you what, set up, or or, and if anyone could be really bothered, you will find it is in fact incredibly easy to pick flaws in classic films.

    Oh, and just for the record, if a rescue craft went to rescue the ferry, what exactly do you think would happen? I reckon there may be a chance that Joker would detonate the bombs. With the detonator which is not on a timer, so he could manually detonate the bombs it if such a thing happened.

    One more thing you very sad bunch of people. The Joker has thousands, if not millions of dollars. I don’t know for sure, but if I was a criminal, there is a chance that I would work for a psycho if it meant becoming a millionaire

  46. i think the purpose of this website (like the movie) is to entertain. I loved the movie! but I point out the flaws so maybe the director can improve on it, because by no means is this movie perfect… Any honest batman fan or moviegoer can tell you that.

    If this site doesn’t entertain you, then you don’t have to visit it. No one is forcing you to visit John McCain’s webpage to learn about his well thought out economic policies.

    On to more critiques… The dinner scene with Bruce, Harvey, Rachel, and the Russian chick…. The scene ends with the line, “One fund raiser with my pals, and you’ll never need one again” A very clever, and witty comment aimed obviously at demonstrating Bruce Wayne’s wealth. What happened to this fund raiser? Did Harvey accept the proposal, and we just didn’t have time to see the scene?? It’s a cool line and all, but why not show the audience what happened?

  47. To be fair, the fundraiser did happen — the party at Bruce’s penthouse where he arrives via helicopter. We just never see Harvey capitalizing on the alleged windfall of such an event.

  48. This website is valuable because it provides an important counterpoint to the hype and deification of this movie. It is fun to expose that the emperor has no clothes, and in this case it is a very needed, considering how people are calling this dreary film a masterpiece. Check back in a few months and you will see critics falling over themselves to be the one saying they really did not like “The Dark Knight” that much. This one is all hype.

  49. There are inconsistencies and holes and so forth in the film but there are in most films, especially action films. I don’t think people would be making such a big deal out of it if the film were less popular.

  50. The reason I came to this site was because I couldn’t find anyone who felt the same as myself about how boring the movie was. I seriously fell asleep. Woke up and they were on the ferry boats. I showed this website to someone who wanted to make love to the movie and they now agree with me that this was a very poor BATMAN movie. This wasn’t Batman. Batman is simple and exciting. How are children suppose to enjoy Batman 2008? Children will not stay awake for this film or understand what’s going on. The reason we point out every minor flaw is because most of the world believes this is the greatest movie ever made.

  51. Ricky, you dude in some countries it is shocking to see this movies that is the reason why they only let entry for 16 years or older so maybe you are a 14 years old and have no lifeexperiens with movies like this but anyway this movie is hilarious and o man the joker is a mix of hannibal lecter and


  52. So Ricky just told us he is a child because “Children will not stay awake for this film or understand what’s going on.” I.E. Ricky when you hit puberty you should watch it again and you’ll realize why adults say it is a great movie.

  53. It’s PG-13. Since when are 13 year olds adults? It’s rated for anyone 13 or older.

  54. What about putting a brain in your head… ok, ill try to be nice to not offend you. I mean… you could put some ripeness and some serious reflections in your articles. I really dont know why you waste your time to do such a site. thats just stupid. Wryly, id say you’re funny… and im funny to leave a reply here too… ironically.

  55. Uh when did batman get super powers? Bends a GUN WTF?, jumps 4 floors smashes a car WWWTHF got bat bones? Falls 30 floors lightly smashes a car with a chick, HFSWTHF ever heard of internal damage?

    Who built the bat cave at the ship yard? When the Wayne enterprise turn to a crappy brown building?

    Very Very disappointed, will not go see 3 at the theaters..

  56. Some 13 YO’s have hit puberty, adults was a poor choice of words I should’ve said Post-Pubescents.

  57. So if this movie sucks so much name a movie that is “amazing”.. and i’m sure we can find ways to tear it apart like your moms pussy.

  58. promoting gordon in the middle of the holding cells;

    since when does a mayor even visit a police hq

    the overplayed use of “I’ll let you decide your own fate”.

    it’s fine to use this element once, but used constantly gets tedious. felt very spider-man like

    instead of shooting the guy who turns out to be the joker, the robber rambles on, allowing the joker to move out of the way point blank range. the movie’s antagonist could have, realistically, been eliminated in the first five minutes of the film

    the use of two-face. does not fit within the context of the film. btw, how does harvey actually survive the car crash unharmed if it’s implied that maroni doesn’t

    eric roberts; fuck, is that guy ever irritating

    jokers unfitting end. no resolution. his last scene is him being hung from the building

    the EMPTY hospital. the joker spend’s just enough time with harvey to allow every patient to escape, not to mention the fact that evacuating a hospital would take a hell of a lot longer. so, essentially, he destroyed a vacant building

    the sense that the joker never seems like a developing

    threat in gotham.

  59. All good points, just a couple notes:

    In many cliche movies, mayor apparently visit police headquarters. TDK used that cliche, why not use the “piece of steak to distract attack dogs” cliche?

    A correction: The hospital evacuation is implied as being enough time since moments earlier Gordon is heard shouting to people to evacuate Gotham General Hospital first (and it happens to be the one The Joker picked). Still, it’s implied that the whole ruckus about the hospital happened in less than 30 minutes since the Reese guy was about to go on a TV show to expose who Batman is (seems to imply a show teaser at the beginning of a 30 or 60 minute “news” show). So, it’s IMPLIED as being enough time by the dialogue of the movie but in reality it would take HOURS, if not an entire day, to completely evaccuate an entire hospital. And, if this was the case, and it was evaccuated before The Joker went to Dent’s room, why was Dent not evaccuated? Was he the sole patient left (contrary to Gordon wanting desperately to keep Dent safe throughout the story). The implication, then, is that the hospital is being evaccuated at the same time The Joker shows up to Dent’s room.

    An entire major city hospital evaccuated in 3 minutes.


  60. The biggest flaw for me overall was that it didn’t feel like a *Batman* movie. I knew we were in trouble when the first scene was in daylight.

    Gotham didn’t look like Gotham, it looked like any other city. Or, specifically, like Chicago. Is the implication that any city can churn out rogue after rogue? At least have the trains in it from the last movie, or some gargoyles or something.

    For a guy who didn’t seem to be in many previews or anything, Harvey Dent had a lot of screen time. Especially considering his apparent death at the end. I thought the movie was supposed to be about Batman and Joker, what the heck is Harvey doing taking up half the screen time?

    Harvey alone in the hospital so the Joker can dress in drag and terrorize him? Nice and convenient. What about guards, or why was he left in the hospital at all, considering one was going to get all blowed up pretty soon?

    Two Face’s left eye should be all shriveled and dry since he has no eyelid, presumably no tear ducts, and isn’t seen using Visine or anything.

    Like someone above pointed out, the Joker didn’t seem like the Joker to me. He was a psycho in make up, yes, but the whole point of the Joker is that he *jokes*. In TDK he lacked gags, humor, energy, but found the time to dye his hair kinda green and style it like The Crow’s. If you want a sociopath who’s evilevilevil to the core, but don’t want to make him jokey, then don’t write in the Joker. Write in Scorpio from Dirty Harry. Or Hannibal Lector. Or any creepy sociopath who doesn’t need make up or a purple suit to be terrifying.

    A Joker without energy, a Joker without joy, a Joker without childlike enthusiasm for sick irony and humor, just isn’t the Joker to me. He’s called “The Clown Prince of Crime” for a reason.

    Also, just the idea that the Joker masterminded *everything* down to the second in this movie is ridiculous. Not without goons and brains, and he was in rather short supply of goons if he killed them off so quickly. And brains, I dunno. In the comics he’s clever, yes, but I wouldn’t call him a criminal mastermind. That’s Lex Luthor.

    Basically, as a mindless action movie, the film was entertaining. As a Batman movie, it failed. Batman didn’t seem to be necessary, not if the whole point of the movie was to show how realistic this all was. He didn’t even really *do* much/barely seemed to be in it. I can’t imagine the actual police force of a huge city to be *that* entirely incompetent.

    Lastly, the motorcycle. It being part of the Batmobile was kind of hokey, but it would have been exciting at the time… had they not had the stupid thing in all the promotional stuff. The second the Batmobile exited the chase on fire you knew what was going to happen, and if not then then certainly when Batman hit the eject button. Having the motorcycle everywhere before the movie came out really destroyed what should have been a “Wow, cool!” moment. Terrible choice of marketing. I guess they wanted to get a jump on selling the Batpod toy to the kids who aren’t old enough to see the movie.

    Speaking of marketing, I was extremely tired of the phrase “Why So Serious?” long before the movie came out, so it just seemed trite in the film.

    Excellent site–thank you. I’m so tired of people praising this movie as excellent and wonderful and flawless when it’s really not.



    Sorry. You make some valid points in criticizing the film. The problem is not the plot-holes or the liberties taken (how the Joker did this and that etc.), every comic book movie has them, the problem is that the movie pretends to be realistic,.

  62. “For a guy who didn’t seem to be in many previews or anything, Harvey Dent had a lot of screen time. Especially considering his apparent death at the end. I thought the movie was supposed to be about Batman and Joker, what the heck is Harvey doing taking up half the screen time?”

    He was actually central to the plot, the story of the rise and fall of the white knght, juxtaposed against the ever-present “dark knight”. Read Nolan’s comments before the movie came out. Heath’s performance and death overshadowed Harvey, but he was only supposed to be a supporting character.

    ” And brains, I dunno. In the comics he’s clever, yes, but I wouldn’t call him a criminal mastermind. That’s Lex Luthor.”

    Actually in the comics he is a crimianl mastermind, Batman calls him that on several occasions. He is also unstable, psychotic, mean, and nasty. He wasn’t allowed to join the Legion of Doom because the other villians were afraid of him.

  63. “An entire major city hospital evaccuated in 3 minutes.


    I think you have the time frame wrong. The conversation with Dent yes is brief. But the Joker leaves the hospital well after Dent does. Dent went off to wreak his vegenance, and the Joker comes out later.

    And it’s not like hospitals don’t have emergency evaccuation plans in place. they do. On 9/11 the vast majority of the North Tower was evaccuated in 15 miniutes without rescue crews, so a fast evaccuation of a lot of people is not unheard of.

  64. No problem with criticism of a movie but you’re implying that 99% of the population is complete idiots for liking a great flick. Somehow implying that only “you” and a few other people get it. You’re the guy that has to find a flip side to everything. In high school you were probably one of the trench coat people that hates jocks, good looking people and people in general because they don’t “get it” like you. For you to create an entrie site to rip a movie shows your true colors.

  65. its a movie you guys are as bad as the fanboys who over hype everything. whats a realistic action movie someone give me one die hard, rambo, bourne series, bond. its a movie just enjoy it

  66. the funny thing is…all of you ended up watching the movie. so it doesn’t matter if u didn’t enjoy it or not. Hollywood wins… 238 million and counting. You hate but you still go to see it. That is hilarious! to subject yourself to 152 minutes of something u don’t like. I bet u went to the movie to see how much it would “suck”. I didn’t know people like to spend their time like that.

  67. i want that 2.5 hours of my life back. this movie blew ass. they drug it on so long, my wife fell asleep on my shoulder. dark knight sucks!!!

  68. i know people who went to see this prior to me and told me how AWESOME it was. i hold them responsible for me wasting my time on this flick. i plan on telling all of them how fucking simple minded they are for enjoying this movie first thing monday morning. the popcorn and raisinettes were better than this shitty movie!

  69. The Dark Knight was so disappointing, apart from Heath Ledger it was not all that great.

    Bale is phoning it in , in his stupid OTT bat-voice. Too many daylight scenes. Chicago is not Gotham. Film is too loooong.Film is not about Batman, which would have helped. Batman fighting dogs TWICE! crappy bat-suit, bad dialogue, Nolan can’t direct action, sound mix was awful….

    Thank you for this site, I no longer feel like an outcast!

  70. “whysoserious”, (where did you get that from?), I didn’t go to see it to hate it, I went to see it hoping it would be good!!!! And discovered it wasn’t good. It was okay, certainly not the “Best film ever”.

  71. Theres nothing wrong with having your own opinion and not thinking its the holy grail of movies, i just think its pretty ridiculous to bash the heck out of it for having such minor flaws. You can do that with any movie ever made.

  72. Boring film that needs a chill pill and a leading lady who’s so fugly and cant act to save her life.

  73. One thing that’s really bothered me is that Batman goes through all the trouble of carving out a piece of a wall so he can get bullet fragments out of it and perform all kinds of different tests, so that he can get fingerprints from the bullet.

    Then he gets the fingerprint replication off of a computer and tells Alfred (Mr. Pep-talk, Aunt May, anyone?) to conduct a search on the possible matches.

    Then… nothing… happens. It’s basically a waste of like 5 minutes of film. Maybe they wanted to show one of Joker’s crimes, but they didn’t have to build this red herring into the script to do it.

    In fact, as an audience, we’re basically given a simultaneous atomic wedgie and tea-bagging when they arrest Joker and find he has no finger prints that match anyone, anywhere in the database.

    So basically we became interested in the fingerprint-from-shattered-bullet thingy just to be told later, in a completely unrelated bit of storytelling, that the man whose fingerprint they are trying to identify, has no identifying fingerprints…. It’s almost Zen-like, isn’t it?

  74. TDK was a letdown it was more on the Joker and less on Batman. How about more Caine,Freeman and Oldman? On the Katie-Maggie smackdown Katie wins all the way. Maggie is one crappy actress and is so fugly.

  75. I was looking forward to seeing this movie all year. I went with a friend of mine and he enjoyed it but me not so much. I would have gotten up and left if I had been alone. DJ Rossstar’s review is dead on. The movie was slow, repetitive and all over the place with no direction. Before hand I had heard the movie was very dark and violent which appeals to me. The movie seemed more like a Dick Tracy cheesy detective rag rather than dark, edgy action flick which I was wanting. What happen to all the gadgets and awesome Tumbler chases I was expecting? Who the hell picked that actress that played Rachel? She was scarier looking than the Joker. Heath Ledger “Joker” was the only entertaining character in the movie but after 2 hours of his craziness was more than I wanted to take. The movie was wayyyyyyyy to long. I thought the movie was ending when the Joker was in jail but to me and my aching butts surprise it rambled on for what seemed like a short eternity in hell! Why so many people enjoyed this movie is beyond me.

    Very very disappointed!

  76. so the opening of the movie shows Joker with the back to us with a hand on the mask and three people in the car picking him up.

    so how come no one noticed a guy in clown face paint standing in the street, and especially, how come no one in the car noticed the Joker?

  77. Am I the only one who thinks that the Bat Bike or whatever… was the slowest thing on two wheels EVER?

    I mean they had to do a lot of trickery to make it feel fast… but it sooo did not do for me…

    Other than that… wonderful movie… already watched it thrice…

  78. Yeah, the shots made it look like it was going 20mph. Will cover it in an upcoming writeup.

    I’m sure the intent was to make it look fiersome AND fast but it didn’t look like it was being driven any faster than a scooter.

  79. My question is this: WHY would Batman believe Joker was telling the truth about Dawes’ and Dent’s locations? What is this, the TV show where the Penguin ‘goes straight’ every 5 minutes and the police believe it every time? Batman’s thought process: Yeah, I’ll just take the word of a demented wacko serial killer. Sounds like a plan.

    And it’s already been mentioned, but how can Joker pull off all these crimes [planting bombs here, there and everywhere, etc.] after it’s been established that he likes to KILL his henchmen? I’ve got to think that might prevent him from being able to hire new ones, once the word gets around the Gotham City underworld.

    Also, it seems like he has unlimited resources, manpower, etc. Wait a minute–I thought Batman was the rich guy, not Joker.

  80. This movie really has whipped up some strong feelings.

    I wish only to say this. A lot of people here have made some very valid observations about TDK. Many of the flaws and inconsistencies you have highlighted do defy pure logic, and some of the character actions are seemingly without reason or what you might call ‘truth’.

    However, ask yourselves this question…

    What would this film be like if it was absolutely realistic? If everyone behaved completely truthfully…

    Nothing interesting would happen. No action, no excitement, no tension. Real life has it’s moments, and there are some amazing stories to be told, but quite often the things real people do defy explanation.

    It’s a bit like a soap opera, it compresses all those moments in life into a half hour slot. If a soap opera were completely realistic, it would be as dull as Jar Jar Binks.

    I would argue that TDK is an entertaining slice of summer blockbuster, a cut above most of the other dross like Hancock or Wanted. At least TDK has a gripping central performance from an actor who shall be very sadly missed.

    If you want realism, watch some low-budget, indie, drama about people trying to sort their lives out. There are some great films out there right now. If you want a flight of fancy, then doesn’t TDK fit the bill?

    It’s very easy to pick out the continuity errors, but do they really matter in a film like this? Do we really care that a stormtrooper hit his head on the door in Star Wars, or that there’s a truck in the background in Spartacus? Do we care if Superman gets his powers back, even when he’s been told there’s no way back? Do we care if no-one notices that Nick Cage and John Travolta don’t sound like each other in Face/Off?

    Well maybe some do, but me – I laugh it off. Entertain me I say, and TDK was a ride I enjoyed.

    Now I await the avalanche of protests!

    Take it easy movie fans,

    The Lucky Devil

  81. Just do something on it not at all being the best movie ever. Jeez, its a popcorn flick… putting it over films like Shawshank and the Godfather is just… ugh what the heck

  82. Bale’s Batman voice annoys the hell out of me and I wonna smack Maggie who was so lame as Rachel and the ugliest woman to boot. I like Holmes better.

  83. Douchebag goes on television show to reveal the true identity of Batman and sits there on live TV for 20 minutes and – for no apparent reason – fails to reveal it. Nevertheless the caption below reads “Batman’s True Identity Revealed” – just stupid, lame, and confusing….

  84. Excuse me, tdksucks, that should have been the Chicago, I mean Gotham City, underworld.

  85. how about the fact that the Joker never really made any good jokes? The fact that Gordon became omniscient and knew about the boats even though there was a whole bit about the power and cells all going dead on the boats? For that matter what the fuck was with EVERYBODY knowing EVERYTHING.

    I think the needless dialogue has already been covered.

    Shit there where Deus Ex Machina’s every FIVE FUCKING Seconds.

    Which to be fair was the problem with THE PRESTIGE as well.

    in fact id go so far as to say that Nolan just doesn’t know HOW to make a movie without (for lack of a better word) “Cheating”

  86. Don’t forget the utterly insane amount of marketing surrounding this movie. Pizza, cell phones, Comcast cable, etc. While it doesn’t pertain to the content of the film directly, it makes me dislike it that much more. Gosh, it was so satisfying to see a friggin’ Batman commercial in the theater right before the movie played! How clever, advertising the movie (and a Motorolla phone) I already paid for.

  87. If someone received as much physical damage to the side of their face as Dent, wouldn’t it also make sense that his left eyeball would be missing/damaged beyond repair? It looked like somene took an exacto knife, carefully carved around his eye, shielded it, then set that side of his face on fire.

  88. Thank you for this site…I thought I was going crazy. I hated this movie and everyone around me loves it. Here are my main points:

    1) The sonar cell phone thing is a joke, cell phones are not set up with the proper hardware to accomplish what they did in the movie. And even if they were, the software could not be downloaded by batman into everyone’s individual phone. Furthermore, the battery drain would be ridiculous (if you think iphone batteries are bad then try an iphone using a constant sonar detection)

    2) how could one villian (who only hires schitzophrenic help) secure 50,000 oil barells and get them in those 2 warehouses, two boats, and every hospital (without being noticed) in such a crucial moment?

    3) sewing a bomb into someone’s gut would kill them, even a doctor couldn’t do that, and even if he lived he couldn’t walk, and even if he could walk, the cops would have noticed the buldge

    4) how did the joker overpower the guard in his cell? it skipped that scene…joker was just pummeled by batman one minute ago, and somehow he has the strength and skill to overcome that whoopin and beat a guard? and even if he beat the guard, how does he get out of the cell with him? with a knife!

    5) when he asked for his one phone call, and dialed the gut-bomb, notice how the explosion rocked the entire police building…killing or knocking out everyone….except for the joker!

    6) the harvey dent transformation (both physical and mental) was completely unplausible. i won’t even go to the physical, it was ridiculous. the fact that someone could go from putting away bad guys and being an overal hero to killing the commisioner’s son is insane. i couldnt buy that for one second. what? just because the joker told him to? wasn’t dent trying to put away the joker? wasn’t it obvious that the joker planted the bombs that killed his girlfriend? he would have /killed/ the joker in the hospital, no questions asked.

    7) why did morgan freeman quit? because he didn’t want to be in the next movie? where is loyalty, and why doesnt batman get the benefit of the doubt? (forget about the sonar thing, that is completely ridiculous and impossible…as were the glowing eye orbs, please!)
    8) why did batman want to have them blame everything on him at the end? to save dent’s reputation? fine, how about this…blame the joker!! what good does it do for batman to take the fall? that was all so stupid.

    i have never seen a movie with so many flaws get such positive reviews, i just don’t get it!

  89. GO SEE THE X-FILES!!! Much better film for a fraction of the Fatman Movie…

  90. And the cop girly who turned bad cuz her mother was in the hospital? Like Gotham has never heard of INSURANCE? MEDICARE? CARITY ORGANIZATIONS? The fuck? At least give her a realistic reason to go bad. You have a multigazzillionaire there who doesnt have a foundation set up for charity? How is he even starting to pay his taxes?

    The clown hostages were shocking in the first 10 seconds then absolutely asinine after that. Did I miss something but wasn’t there some alternative way of showing they were not a threat. Yeah like throwing themselves to the ground on top of the guns? Even holding it to their own head would have stopped the cops long enough to figure things out. And umm didnt the swat team have radios? God know were I in that position I’d not be standing there like a target whimpering inmy duct tape, I’d be doubled over trying to look as none threatening as possible. Wouldn’t a broadcast to the command unit mentioning the identity of the clown be a pretty effective measure.. not as glory hogging, I admit, as Batman taking out the whole swat team on his own…..

    Yeah this was a pretty sad comedy, they should have tried making a drama.

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