Why "The Dark Knight" Sucks…

If you haven’t already figured out, this site is focused on explaining why the movie “The Dark Knight” (2008) sucks.  Part of the reason for putting this site together was to counter the seemingly unquestionable hype surrounding the movie.  The viral marketing campaigns, the massive buildup, the fanboys… all leading so many movie-goers to pause critical reasoning and tout the movie as some kind of masterpiece.  Further, whenever a dissenting voice is heard to even question such blind praise, it’s as if a blasphemy has been uttered.

Each article posted here will point out a specific problem with the movie.  Suggestions for additional articles can be submitted to the suggestions page.

Null Key Encryption

Ah so this crap is all over cable now.

The scene where Bruce tells Lucious about the massive sonar computer/contraption and implies that it’s super-secure and only accessible to one person – Lucious.  He states that it’s “null key encrypted”.



"What Don't You F*king Understand?"

Christian Bale loses it on set recently:

Literally in less than a day, someone put up this hilarious mix version:

Finally catching on…

Found this great blog post ripping TDK, as it should be ripped:

Why I Hated The Dark Knight

From that page, I also found this:

The Dark Knight Plot Hole Repository

The more this is talked about, the more people finally find sanity and reason.

"Heres…… Jokey?"

I ran across an article today that was just too ridiculous to ignore.

It was an interview by MovieWeb with some cast members of TDK andwhat I specifically snorted over was the comments from Gary Oldman:

“While none of us in attendance really wanted to dwell on the death of Heath Ledger, Oldman offered his thoughts on the actor’s portrayal of the Joker, calling it the scariest on-screen performance he’s ever seen.

He even went on to compare it to his own work as Sirius Black, saying, ‘Sirius Black might scare six year olds, but he doesn’t scare nine year olds. It’s hard to scare kids these days. Heath does. He scares everybody. This is one of the most frightening performances I have ever seen put on film.’ ”

Uhhh… excuse me?  I mean, Gary Oldman is an excellent actor, but apparently he’s not such a great judge of the performances of others.  “…scariest on-screen performance..ever”?  Was he high on crack doing that interview?  Or, like so many others, was he brown-nosing the broadly (yet distorted) accepted notion that Heath’s death somehow lifted this average performance somehow into the realm of excellence?

Here’s the link:


TDK Fans IQ: 72

Being away from writing articles for this blog site for a few days, I mostly just perused comments and had the system alert me to approve comments containing swears.  That’s how I’ve had it for a while and what I noticed is pretty consistent.

Although some fans of the movie who disagree with this site have enough intelligence to write complete sentences, make sense, and carry a reasonable debate, the majority seems to maintain a maximum capacity to: fling poo, swear, insult, and contribute nothing of value.

Truly a good chunk of these fans are headed for some prime Darwin awards.  I don’t have to put any effort into proving this, they are doing it all on their own.

Short Break

Got too busy to add fresh articles past couple days.  Will add new stuff soon!

You'll Never See This Pair Together

How awesome would it be to see Superman and Batman in the same movie together?

Well guess what? Unless the franchise is taken out of Chris Nolan’s hands, it will never happen.

You see, that’s because in the “trying to be super-real” Nolan world of Batman, everything has to be believable as being possible within reality.  Now, if he had pulled that off as well as he did in “Batman Begins”, there would be little to complain about - but the reality is broken constantly in “The Dark Knight” while simultaneously trying to reinforce “this can be real”.  “This can be real… ignore the man behind the curtain…”

Either one has to let go of the whole “super-real comic adaptation” or make it a given that there are many fantastic things which can only exist within the world of comics – one of the greatest reasons comics have such great appeal.  You can’t ride the fence.  BB didn’t ride the fence, and it worked.  TDK rode the fence in ridiculous ways, and none of them because fantastic scenarios were presented, but because it was presented as realistic yet completely unrealistic things were utilized to move the story along.

Just step back and observe the tone of “Batman Begins” and compare it to “The Dark Knight” and given the background of how Gotham was presented in either one, how the story was played out, how the theme was established, think about which version of the Batman “reality” one could possibly see Superman showing up in.  Only in the world of “Batman Begins”, but now that possibility is gone.

So, if you ever hoped for such a team-up in a movie, and realize that will not be possible, you can only blame yourself for having gone to see TDK 2, 3, 4 or more times, shooting the box office for it up, and reaffirming to Warner Bros to keep Nolan on the ticket for the next one.  Pat yourself on the back.

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Only ONE Gripe?

On Yahoo’s homepage today, there is a news article from the Associated Press titled “Biggest ‘Dark Knight’ Gripe” with a subtitle of “Batman’s Flaw” which leads to the article titled “Monday Movie Buzz: Bale’s Batman voice too much?“  All it talks about is Bale’s voice.

There’s no contact information for the article, unclear who wrote it, so could someone out there somewhere PLEASE find a way to contact that writer or the AP or even Yahoo’s Entertainment News & Gossip section and point them here?  If not successful with Yahoo, possibly the Associated Press at www.ap.org.

How to be Omniscient

I wanted to do a little something different in this article.  Rather than my writing about why something couldn’t have possibly worked in the storyline, or how ridiculous something was in the storyline, I’m swinging the door open for people to submit HOW they believe it could be plausible in the storyline.  I will present an idiotic repeating aspect of the storyline, and the challenge is to share the MOST PLAUSIBLE explanation.  That means, no responses like “Who cares? It’s a comic book.” (since the goal of Nolan’s vision was full realism).

In the storyline (which seems to have taken place within the estimated span of 2-4 weeks), The Joker seems to be able to get mass volumes of explosives seemingly wherever he wanted them.  Literally hundreds of metal barrels filled with a liquid explosive of some kind and who knows what else (enough to blow up large buildings) in:

2 buildings (seemed like warehouses)
2 large boats
A major metropolitan hospital

  1. Where could he BUY such large amounts of explosives from, considering Homeland Security?
  2. How does he get such mass volumes of explosives into the buildings without anyone noticing?  Especially the hospital?  Considering he would need large trucks, dollies, drivers, and various henchmen to move it all in, and even more people and time to hook the explosives up to detonate in sync?
  3. How could he replenish his henchmen so easily and regularly considering that he killed so many of them?  How does he generate and maintain loyalty, and how does he reward that loyalty?
  4. If he burned mountains of money and didn’t care about having very much, how did he pay his henchmen?  Did they just work for free?
  5. How did he do all this and still be able to be multiple steps ahead of his opponents?

Responses have to be PLAUSIBLE, believable, and reality-based.

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