"What Don't You F*king Understand?"

Christian Bale loses it on set recently:

Literally in less than a day, someone put up this hilarious mix version:

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  1. He is very arrogant, I can uderstand that he could be angry against him, but he can stay polite with him, insult him for 5 minutes and menace him like that, I find that very stupid.
    Of course TDK fans (in others forums) try already to find him some excuse, fanboys (specially from this movie) are so stupid.

  2. I do agree that was very stupid of him, however….

    You haven’t posted in a month. Are you losing ideas of ways to make fun of the Dark Knight? That is sad….

  3. YGO: What don’t you fucking understand?

  4. @ tdksucks

    erm…I’d say he doesn’t understand how this affects TDK at all. I don’t. So he swears a bit (well, alot) on the set of a totally unrelated movie months after TDK. This doesn’t actually prove that TDK sucked, just that Bale is a tosser in the real world.

  5. It affects the TDK because every time you watch you realize Batman’s a douche Bag now. THAT is what’s sad.

  6. That’s your problem as a viewer, not the films problem. Frank sinatra was a prick, doesnt mean he wasnt a great singing. Gauguin was a selfish womaniser, still a great painter though, Beven if we do assume that Bale is an angry selfish man, and wasnt just having a really bad week back then, Im sure he’s not alone as a good actor with a bad character. What im trying to say is that having a disfunctional personality doesnt impact on your ability to do the job. Heck Gary Glitter’s a frickin Pedophile, doesnt mean Rock’n'Roll part 2 isn’t a great song (although I would suggest no one play it publically or purchase it legally, because I wouldnt want the sick bastard earning any royalties off it). What actors are like in real life shouldnt impact on your viewing of the film, it may make you want to make a moral decision to boycott the film in the first place, but seriously, (and Im sorry if this sounds harsh) but if you cant judge a work on its own merits, that says more about you as a viewer than the work itself.

  7. Wait I just noticed something…

    `every time you watch you realize Batman’s a douche Bag now’

    Mike cant seperate reality from fiction and thinks Christian Bale really is Batman!

  8. *sigh* Oh why Bale, why?!

  9. Capt. Douche Bag to the Rescue!

  10. As someone who wrote as you say an “honest” review of The Dark Knight, which you’ve linked to over on your left tab there, I’m not trying to be a dick at all. HOWEVER, if you’re going to create a website specifically to talk shit about any one thing, then have some balls and use the word “fuck” in you’re posts and titles. Don’t censor yourself, it shows weakness.


  11. Awesome! Thanks for that comment Sonny, now we’ve yet another person who’s negative DarkKnight review we can safely ignore because the writer’s proven himself to be a moron. He’s not censoring himself, he’s censoring Bale’s quote for the benefit of his own site and how he wants to present himself. Thats not weakness, that’s personal choice. I’ve a one year old son, am I showing weakness if I don’t swear in front of him when I do when he’s not around? Seriously man, your opinion is nonsense, and though you weren’t trying to be a dick, your certainly were being one.

  12. STFU Bruce……Wayne…..sorry. He set himself up for it. My favourite part was when he said “Why the f*ck are you walkin’ right through AHDADDADADA!” Yes he was an a-hole, but at least it was funny. And the techno remix is ahmazing.
    However, this has nothing at all to do with TDK. Same actor but totally irrelevant besides that.
    And to Mar-vell, what forums, I’d like to see the excuses they came up with. Don’t act like all TDK fans worship the ground Bale walks on. His actions were stupid and unnecessary, but it was still funny and made for a great techno song.

  13. sorry abot my english! It is not my first language and I always have trouble sounding coherent when posting on the internet because I am in a hurry!

  14. I’m not gonna lie, I have seen his tantrum quite a few times and I find it hilarious. I’ve never heard someone so angry be so meticulous about their insults. lol

    At the same time, I dont really care about what happened. Big deal, he was having a bad day and acted like a complete jerk. Everyone does it. Not everyone is recorded while doing it.

    But of course, thats not the way you, or the media see it.
    All anyone sees is “Look! Hes not perfect after all! In fact, hes the worst person ever!”


  15. erm how does this fucking relate to TDK?
    i think your devoted to hating this movie that your determined to hate Bale and the actors of TDK.
    go get a girlfriend

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