Blog of the Day at for 3 days

I hadn’t seen this before but seems that this site was featured on’s “Blogs of the Day” page, which gets updated daily.

Here are the days so far:

Today so far it’s #45.  Not bad considering hosts (as of this minute) 3,651,183 blogs (this site is hosted on

I launched the site on July 20.  The message is getting out, getting thousands of hits daily.  Let’s spread the message even more – Digg it, add it as a favorite to a Technorati, link to it, whatever.  Also let me about any honest reviews I’m not aware of – go the the contact page to send me the links.

3 Responses to “Blog of the Day at for 3 days”

  1. Congrats – keep up the good work ;)

  2. ^ Good work?

    The intelligence being shown in the comments here depresses me.
    Congrats I guess, definitely attracted attention.

  3. ^Intelligence depresses you?

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