New Villains for Batman 3 Revealed!

Ever since the last scene of “The Dark Knight” faded to black, the masses have been wondering who the next villains will be.  There’s been great anticpiation, since the hype machine for Batman 3 (or Batman 6?) needs to get started, and wide speculation is spreading.  Everyone seems to agree that the villains need to be more viscious and dangerous than the main villains of TDK – namely, the rottweilers.

Fresh from the production of Batman 3 (working title: “Batman: The Killer Joke”), we’ve got some on-set photos everyone has been dying to see.  The mystery is over!


More potential villains are being cast…

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13 Responses to “New Villains for Batman 3 Revealed!”

  1. The trouble is, Nolan kind of painted himself in a corner with his whole “realistic comic book movie” shtick. I frequent the imdb TDK board, and there’s hundreds of threads about who should be the next villain in #3, and well, most of Batman’s rogues gallery just aren’t realistic enough for the so-called “Nolan universe.”* There’s a lot of talk about the Riddler (who I actually find kind of boring), and most people are saying he should be portrayed either as a serial killer who likes to play games (kind of like Jigsaw from the Saw movies), or some kind of terrorist who likes to play games (like Simon Gruber in Diehard 3). I wouldn’t be surprised if Nolan uses these ideas, since he has no real original ideas of his own, yet he will still be hailed as a genius by the ignorant sheep. I guess a Nolanized Mr. Freeze could be a crime boss who likes to keep his AC cranked up all the time, even in the winter. Or the Mad Hatter could be a crime boss who likes to wear nice hats. Catwoman could be a female crime boss who like cats. Bane could be a crime boss who lifts weights and takes steroids. There you, go Chris. Feel free to use these ideas.

    *I hate that term “Nolan universe.” Batman belongs to the Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson, Neal Adams, Denny O’Neil, and Frank Miller Universe, but not any damn Chris Nolan Universe. The way these Nolan nerds go on about him, you think he created Batman.

  2. In response to Edward Blake.

    I thank the heavens that Nolan put a realistic spin on a comic book movie. The quality of these types of movies is my main concern, and if he steals other peoples ideas sure that is wrong but the end product is amazing.
    With all of the CGI, cartoonish and cheesy comic book movies to be released in the past few years (spiderman 3, ghost rider, hulk, fantastic 4 etc etc) this movie makes those others look like kids movies. It’s a relief to see a comic book movie for adults. After seeing the Dark Knight, I was actually surprised that parents brought their children to see this film.

  3. I agree with only one thing Edward said and that has to do with the “Nolan universe.” I agree that officially it is Bob Kane’s universe seeing how he created the character, story and settings. But at the same time, I don’t mind if people use the “Nolan universe” term due to the fact that Nolan restarted the Batman series. In addition to this, many directors, including Favro, have stated Nolan as the reason comic book movies are getting better. So in this case, a Nolan universe has been created where us fans are actually getting quality films about the comics we love.

    Also, Nolan wrote the script, along with his brother, and a lot of the dialogue is outstanding. So Nolan does have some his own ideas seeing how the Joker had never been potrayed the way it had been in The Dark Knight.

  4. I think Clifford, the Big Red Dog would kick Batman’s ass. And a huge dog would be just as ‘realistic’ as the current movie.

  5. In response to Edward Blake…

    I couldn’t agree w/ you more about the reality basis to this film. Nolan did paint himself into a corner by taking this ‘realism’ as far as he has. What TDK fans seem to be saying is that “taking the material seriously” = “realism”…and I don’t agree whatsoever.

    A film maker can take the comic book material seriously by making a great story and that has dark tones to it and limits the humor. It really shouldn’t be hard to keep the action up in these films but Nolan’s publicized dislike for CGI places limits on what can be accomplished on screne.

    If you are going to base a comic book movie in “reality” than you have to stick with it the whole way. And therein lies the problem…


    This was the Crappiest Batman movie ever MADE…. Health Ledgers Joker was pitiful.. the guy who played TWO Face was as wooden as the box he should be buried in… I give this film NO STARS…. the Jack Nickelsons Joker was the BEST…..

    This film should have been called
    Batman, “Dark Poop”!

  7. oh come on …sure it sucks …but as in every thing starwars revamping and so on ….there are some nice things the fans can take home with them ……espescally when batman is a hard to reach caracters for mothers and anyone else that cares …..and he was smart enough wasn’t he …..(the momentum guy) …….i like grey and blue tights my self ……
    …i wished the never brought in the bat mobel …
    ….i like him on the roof tops …
    ……ill say this …i think it’s a real shame that they probably won’t toutch robin ……..i like robin ….. i like when he’s made like 10 or 12 …… it’s best …..and he’s really based on robin hood …..
    ….so it’s really alot like peter pan …
    …and he’s agile as spiderman …… a pick pocket ….a theft ……
    ………i like that …………and if you ask me ….batman ….like soild snake …is far better defind with age and true expereance ………that’s something nolen did that was really smart …..
    …..both these films never forgot orgin …..the first films yellow, ornage ……sunset ….scarecrow …..
    …the second ……awsome ass blue …..and blue flame no less ……very apropreate
    ..gorden becomes commisoner …at the last half of this film
    …..harvey dent is known be a up and coming crime buster …….lusus fox ……is only in the begging of batman methology …….or so i understand ………and what does he do at the end ……..resinge ……….so really ……….
    \…… can say that batman has only really just now kicked off ………….but thats the thing …….it really is wierd to put that light …..into the true world of batman ……….
    ……..any thing else ……..there going to half to make some stuff up ………and that sucks ……..he really shouldn’t direct it ………or what i would like …if they won’t do robin ……….is a jump to future …..dark knight returns …….or whatever …..
    ….you know …..60 year old batman ……that could work i tell you ………
    ………………..but any way …….it will probably just be cat women ………a physacal equivlant ……he hasn’t really had a real chance to reveal a very virgous fighting batman ……
    ….because most of his characters are mental ……..or scientific …….ivy ..freeze ……and i don’t care to see no bain ……also chistopher loyde really needs to be freeze ….
    …it’s always had to happen …….
    ……um yeah …….also nolen was cool for doing racsh aguel ……come on ……that was so cool …….thanks ….sorry for crazy words

  8. To the people who said the last batman movie sucked, im not sure that you people have even seen the movie, so shut up and go back to watching your cheese ass adam west batman rendition tv shows and go back to the basement you crawled out of.

  9. Y’know, this post is actually pretty funny. Those puppies are so cute!

  10. Jack nicholson sucks, flat out, he has no diversity on characters hes just jack nicholson, i agree with steve here, and btw i think the street lights are on, you might wanna get to bed before your parents get mad at you

  11. I think Nolans Batman could be even greater if it wasn’t so realistic all the time,i mean Heath Joker was the best but i think Nolan didnt use him properly in the name of a realistic utopia where is normal a guy dressed like a bat jump rooftops and do a better job than the entire police force!
    My point is this, Batman Universe is the Batman Universe people go to a Batman movie to see the Batman universe not to see the realistic world we live in,and let me say this, since i was a little kid Batman was always my favorite Hero because it have no powers and it is realistic because of that the same for the vilains,we can thank Bob Kane for that,what Nolan did was to cut the action and turn Batman a shakespearean tragedy!

  12. I think the Movie “Dark Knight” was one of the biggest mistake Batman movie. The Joker was shit, batman was bigger shit. Hey we live in Year 2009 not in 60th or 70th. The world is more agressive and sorry batman never use deadly force. Comme on what a f*** is this.
    Why i like more the punisher, kill them all moto is more fun, but for movie companys 18+ movies not good for business.
    So they produce a shity Batman. And sorry Joker was shit, the actor kill him self and so good for the movie, like the media says : perfect acting. What a fuck, he was shit all of his rolles. I saw 99% of his shit movies.
    I hope the next Batman will be never made.

  13. Absolutely right

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