Apparently Batman Gargles Rocks

I loved “Batman Begins”, it was an excellent reboot of a series that seriously needed it.  I remember when I was a teenager and went to see the first Tim Burton Batman movie, I was floored at how good it was, and it didn’t get unseated until “Batman Begins”.

When Christian Bale roughed his voice a bit in his scenes as Batman in “Batman Begins”, it was authentically cool because he didn’t take it over the top.  He did it just rough enough so as to disguise his voice and add a menacing appeal.  When he did it in The Dark Night, however, it transitioned into the realm of the ludicrous.

I swear at some moments it was so try-hard that I saw spit coming out of his mouth.  If hiding his voice was so key, why not introduce a device into his costume, perhaps around his neck, which would help mask his voice?  The writers seemed perfectly OK to introduce the notion of 30 million cell phones all of a sudden becoming real-time 3D sonar devices, why not make the need for a rediculous raspy voice moot by introducing a device to handle it?

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25 Responses to “Apparently Batman Gargles Rocks”

  1. I hated his voice too! Whenever I’ve given someone my opinion on the movie, the first thing I mention is how much I hated his voice.

  2. it is something built into his suit/mask…notice that when he is talking to lucius fox in private while in his mask he is talking with the rough voice

  3. I also HATE the voice…I mean they could’ve made it deeper darker and much more ominous….but oh well.

  4. the voice, even though you may hate it, is pretty necessary

  5. Sorry, but it was, like, exactly the same in both movies.

    Just trying to find another reason to bitch =>

  6. ya it was the same crappy voice in both. that was my first comment to my friend when leaving the movie. but then again I knew it would be that way after batman begins had it.

    i think the voice alone ruins batman totally. ya u might think its minor but its sooo rediculous that I cant take him seriously even for a fiction film.

  7. oh and I dont care if they even make a device for his neck. make his voice sound like larry the cable guy for real!!!

  8. I don’t see what the big deal is about his voice. This website is what’s ridiculous and out of hand. Three actors who have portrayed Batman (Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy, and Christian Bale) have all used two separate voices for Bruce Wayne and Batman. I think the gravelly sound of Bale’s voice is appropriate because it makes him sound more menacing, less “human”, and even a little strange; but that’s exactly what Batman is all about. I agree with Xaeinovis — you guys are just jumping on the bandwagon and trying to find things to nitpick.

  9. Voice sucked. Bale looked silly while talking as Batman, and sounded silly. Batman is the strong silent type, he should have stuck with that.

  10. This is the only point I agree with,

    The raspy voice of Bale makes me want to kick him in his Batcrotch but at the same time it only knocked the movie down 0.1 for me.

  11. why does he even have to talk when he’s in his bat gear?

    he should just take care of the bad guys. seriously.

    i know this is just a movie of a comic, none of it is real, but still.

    that voice was unbearably annoying… distracting… comical…

    who talks like that?


    Throat cancer. Enough said. ^_^

  13. LOL, threw it up in a fresh post.

    Excellent find, had me in stitches.

  14. Agreed. I am a die hard Batman fan. I know the importance of him hiding his voice so no one can recognize him. I also know that he is a darker character and so he should be more “evil” sounding. But the second he opened his mouth with “IM NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS!” i burst into laughter upsetting the people around me.
    I thought maybe it was one of those Batman humor things and it was for the joke… but then it didnt stop, nor did my laughter.

    I felt the movie was REALLY good overall. But even going a second time on the premise to specifically not laugh and be “super serious” I only made it about 40 minutes before getting another giggle fit.

    I’m not being nit picky becuase I still enjoyed the film. But when something is distracting enough to cause me to giggle through half of a movie then I think there might be a problem.

  15. am i the only person who found the dark knight movie not that great? everyone seems to find it brilliant and amazing but i left the movie feeling nothing and was bored through alot of it. The joker was the only good character.

  16. Wow corinne… You’re on a blog that’s called the Dark Knight Sucks. I’m pretty sure the posters agree with you. *sigh*

  17. I thought it sounded pretty cool in the calm scenes, for instance when he meets with gordon in the bank vault, things like that, but when he was yelling with the bat voice, it sounded like it was breaking up alot. Yes, the “I’m not wearing hockey pads!’ line kind of made me sink down in my seat a little.

  18. I agree, his voice does throw you off, it sounds way too forced. Was anyone else distracted by his mouth too, it seems like every Batman mouth strives to resemble Michael Keatons.

  19. The Dark Knight is a good movie… let’s just be clear on that. It’s not a classic, but Heath’s performance is classic.

    Okay, now that we are clear on those facts; let’s here another fact:

    Bale’s raspy voice is ridiculous… but perhaps… perhaps… well nevermind… it just sucks.

  20. The voice sucks! the custome is like a swat custome sucks!
    WHERE IS GOTH CITY!!!!?????????? are you nolan stupid?
    THE car! ho my god!!!! its a war ship!
    ANd please, classic is jack nicholson in the shine, heath was god, but please thats no fucking classic, his voice seems goofy the dog´s voice.

  21. haha they should have had Kevin Conroy dub the voice for Batman.

  22. His Batman voice was pretty ridiculous in The Drak Knight and that I will agree with. I can’t see why some kind of normal voice changing apparatus could not have been used . But that just gives me something to laugh at. I certainly don’t hate the film for it.

    Oh, and I’m a little surprised that you were ‘blown away’ by the first Tim Burton Batman film. I actually despised it and still do. It was too comical and ridiculous. The comic element only ever really worked in the animated series in the ’90s. But that’s just me.


  24. I hate to comment, but i have to say despite the buying out and fleecing of the ignorant populous into thinking any high budget flashy film with a dead guy in it deserves the highest accolade of artistry, i aint buyin it. It was a shitty film, without Heath Ledgers portrayal of the Joker it deserves to rot in the bottom of a huge pile of trash. Why? For such a high budget they should have been able to afford an amazing editing team, which in turn seems to be that they have never edited anything near an action genre, the shots lasted entirely too long, christian’s batman voice irked the living shit out of me, and despite his huge acting ability, it was flat in this film, along with Maggie Gyllenhaal trying to elude sex appeal on screen. Give me a good reason for all the accolade, aside from Heath Ledger’s Joker. There isn’t any.

  25. You cannot say hating this voice is jumping in a bandwagon, since it is fact that he was waaaaaay too hard to understand. And something built into his suit? Nice attempt at defending your precious movie.

    And all the fanboys of this stupid movie, don’t flame us every chance you get cause we popped your precious bubble. If you disagreed with our points then you wouldn’t be so offending. You people are just bitching because you know we’re right and feel stupid for it.

    This movie became over popular waaaaaaay too fast, like Dane Cook and his stupid fucking Kool-Aid man jokes. Once the unintelligent populous gets a hold of anything simple enough to understand, and get lots of lovely merchandise and high hopes, it’s instantly ruined. That movie should have crashed and burned, but everyone’s too stupid to even have an idea as to what a good movie is. Watch Fight Club or Boondock Saints. Not this shit.

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