The Mayor Has Eyeliner

I know I wasn’t the only one.  When the Mayor of Chicago (I mean Gotham) was introduced, my first thought was “Hm, seems like a bit of a youngish looking actor to play the Mayor, but OK.” Then as a close-up shot focuses onto his face, my next thought was “…wait… is that… eyeliner?”  It was one of those moments where you see the silhouettes of others in the theater turning to each other to make a comment to the person next to them, and you know what they’re saying.  “Is he… wait… is that?…”

Now, it could be that Nestor Carbonell, the actor who played the Mayor, just has some VERY thick lower eyelashes, possibly due to his heritage (I believe hispanic), but I’ve never met anyone whose heritage affected their lower eyelashes so much that it would give off the appearance of thick mascara.  It totally threw off every scene he was in.

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  1. Oh wow! I thought I was the only one who noticed this! I was like: “Is that dude wearing black eyeliner?”

  2. It was a homage to LOST. His character on lost, Richard, has those same eyes. I thought it was kind of cool he kept it, but I understand if you don’t watch the show you wouldn’t get it.

  3. Yeah, I totally mentioned that to my friend as soon as I saw him.

  4. or you could google image the name “nestor carbonell” and see that he always looks like that

  5. yea…thats how he always looks…how he looked on Cane as well (Great show, RIP CANE)

  6. Gotham City is actually located on the Eastern Coast. It was originally supposed to be a stand in for New York. The Modern Day Gotham (In the comics) Is somewhere in New Jersey.

    I don’t really have anything to say on the subject of makeup.

  7. The Mayor’s eyes? Really? I barely even remembered Nestor Carbonell was IN this, and I love his work from Lost and The Tick (BATMANUEL!!), but the Mayor had such little screentime and I wasn’t really “losing myself in his eyes”.

    Also, did you notice that Gary Oldman had a hangnail in that one scene? So distracting. Wow. He needs a nail file.

  8. So this movie is a 9.7999998 instead of a 9.7999999 now that I know the make-up crew over did it a little.

    Thank you for sheading the light so I could lower my rating, srsly!

  9. Wow, so instead of focusing on the plot, action, and quality of his acting, all you could do was nitpick about how the Mayor looks like he’s wearing eyeliner? This website is a joke; and if you knew what you were talking about, you’d see that he always looks like that.

  10. The eyeliner was a highly visible feature. If it wasn’t makeup, then filmmakers really shouldn’t hire actors with natural eyeliner. All I know, is that if I encountered a man that looked like him in real life (especially if he was a mayor) I would find it very eerie and unnerving. It detracted from the film.

  11. Um. I think joker had makeup on too. and it didn’t throw me off one bit. I knew the movie was gonna suck as soon as everyone started saying “it looks so good, and dark and.. ” god I hate the retard hype. the public is like a bunch of cattle.

    All makeup is stupid in my opinion.

    on girls or guys, or whatever. waste of time.

    now if we’re talking about camoflage, or sunblock, that’s a different story.

    but while we’re on the makeup thing, why does the joker have makeup?

    a lot of pro-nolan fans are saying this is a more “believeable” batman…… what exactly is believable about ANY of this? who the hell would wear makeup like that? even if they were crazy.

    i think a “bat signal” is not believeable at all. not in this movie, not in any of the others.
    you know what. scratch everything I just said.

    he had eyeliner to make the movie as dark as possible.

    yeah, this movie was SOOOOO DARK.

  12. Uhh, the Joker has makeup because he’s the JOKER. You realize this is a still a comic book adaptation right? Villians are supposed to look creepy and evil, and the makeup did that very well, certainly more so than he would have looked without it. It’s called a persona. And if you had actually picked up a comic book, it’s alot more believable than the “he fell into a vat of chemicals” explanation. As for the bat signal, what’s so unrealistic? Its a floodlight with a silhouette, those actually exist and you can see them from several miles away.
    The movie WAS dark and gritty for a former comic book that is generally targeted for young adults, go look at some of the early (pre-Frank Miller) Batman comics and see how ridiculous and comparatively light-hearted those are.

    And who would wear makeup, even if they were crazy? Maybe you should wikipedia John Wayne Gacy, who was both an insane murderer and painted up like a clown. Among others.

  13. I can’t believe you people haven’t seen this guy in stuff before.It’s not like this is his first job as an actor.He’s been in other stuff before.So maybe he may wear eyeliner.It is a little odd,but who really cares?He’s the one making the money and he’s the one who got to work in such a good movie.Who knows?Maybe that really isn’t eyeliner and he has dark lines under his eyes.The only who knows is him and I don’t think he will ever see this site.It’s not like there aren’t other people out there wear eyeliner.Girls wear it all the time,and so do some guy’s.It’s not like it’s that unusual,so just move on from it all!!

  14. um… this guy’s eye lashes are naturally like that. Look it up yourself, its true.

  15. Oi this is bullshit thats not the original photo

    look at the original
    his eye lashes are that way naturally

  16. Yeah that’s the pic I cropped from and obviously I played with the picture to exaggerate and make it funny. LOL. Seriously, his bottom lashes do not look as dark and thick in the original photo as they do in the movie.

  17. No matter how thick or dark his eyelashes are, it does seem that he’s wearing eyeliner all the time.
    Wich makes me think that, maybe, he got permanent eyeliner. It is obviously accentuated in the movie compared to the photo.
    anyway, good movie.

  18. “If it wasn’t makeup, then filmmakers really shouldn’t hire actors with natural eyeliner. ”

    One of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

    Oh dear, let’s all fret about inconsequential things in movies because there is nothing else to whine about.
    Even if he was wearing liner, who gives a shit? Seriously…

    Makeup is a natural part of movies because if people DON’T wear it their features will get lost on screen. Perhaps they took it overboard but as I said before who the fuck cares?

  19. actually, that actor, nestor carbonell, seems to always have eyeliner…

  20. Dang, I hope in the next batman installment that all the actresses are very attractive and no one happens to have any thick eyelashes, that way I can like it without getting called a sheep…

  21. It seems like the mayor could be a villain in the next Batman movie and that the eyeliner has something to do with the character. Does anyone know of a villain in the Batman series that the mayor could become?

  22. How dare I like a movie that a bunch of other people like, I must be cattle. The movie couldn’t possibly be really good… no, that’s not it.

    Who honestly gives a shit what he looked like? Not only does the man naturally have the “eyeliner” look but his character didn’t even play a huge part in the film. Next we’re going to start bitching about the people in the background, just so we have something to complain about.

    I thought he looked fine.

  23. Ohno, he did look just fine, seeing as thats the way he looks naturally. And was it really that distracting? Seriously? where people honestly that affected by it? We all registered it, and with the exception of a few, we all got over it. did it matter that his eyelashes are naturally that thick? Nope.

    Truly, this is about as strong an arguement as your arguement that Bruce was undressing Harvey with his eyes. and that was pissweak.

  24. Who honestly gets distracted by someone having slightly thicker eyelashes and/wearing eyeliner in a film? Really? You must have a veryshort attention span. I did promise to keep my comments civil but this argument is appalling. When you’re resorting to little gripes like this, you know you’re fighting a losig battle.

  25. *losing

  26. Seriously? Come on, people. The mayor is going to become Penguin. He had a cigar clip in every scene, and his dark eye makeup combined with his pale skins just played that up even more. Nolan has already said that he alluded to his next villain in The Dark Knight – could it get any more obvious?

  27. And thank you, giantsquid, for picking up on that. I’m glad someone was paying attention!

  28. He just has thick eyelashes. That is it. There is a kid in my first period who’s eyes look the exact same, and 3 people that sit around him have all asked him if he wears eyeliner. Some people’s eyelashes are just naturally like that. Why is this even considered an argument?

  29. It was an awesome movie. But I agree, I thought it looked a little dumb. Even if “that’s his thing” or its natural after all, I for one was distracted.


    This site is queer.

    He has naturally Dark Eyes. But, even if he was wearing eye liner… did you make this really cool website because of that?

    Your retarded.

    I am The Joker, the real one. I wear makeup.
    Anyone that says this film sucks should…
    be booted in the head by a midget.

    No but seriously, thats well gay who gives a shit, The Dark Knight. is. very. very. very. cool. And the best movie of all time.

    ps. Fuck you.Yeahhhhhh!

  31. I know he looks like that in everything I’ve seen him in. And I’ve always wondered why he looks like he’s wearing eyeliner. That would be weird having such thick lower eyelashes. :-)

  32. He doesn’t wear eyeliner. I know that most of you out there are too ignorant to accept that maybe some people just have naturally dark eyelashes, but that doesn’t stop it from being true. This is like the dumbest arguement ever. If it really bothers you that much then maybe you should hang yourself. He is a good actor and he shouldn’t be denied the chance to do something he likes just because he was born with naturally dark eyes. Also, the Dark Knight did not suck and if you really made this website just because of Nestor’s eyes then you may want to think about getting a life. Just a thought. But if that doesn’t work definitely reconsidering hanging yourself.


  34. if he doesn’t wear eyeliner great! If he does shame on him!

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