The Mayor Has Eyeliner

I know I wasn’t the only one.  When the Mayor of Chicago (I mean Gotham) was introduced, my first thought was “Hm, seems like a bit of a youngish looking actor to play the Mayor, but OK.” Then as a close-up shot focuses onto his face, my next thought was “…wait… is that… eyeliner?”  It was one of those moments where you see the silhouettes of others in the theater turning to each other to make a comment to the person next to them, and you know what they’re saying.  “Is he… wait… is that?…”

Now, it could be that Nestor Carbonell, the actor who played the Mayor, just has some VERY thick lower eyelashes, possibly due to his heritage (I believe hispanic), but I’ve never met anyone whose heritage affected their lower eyelashes so much that it would give off the appearance of thick mascara.  It totally threw off every scene he was in.

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