"Rwrwar hrefh herfrrr rrr!"

OK this is priceless…

Yea yea I’ll have more writeups soon. Trust me this is worth watching.

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36 Responses to “"Rwrwar hrefh herfrrr rrr!"”

  1. That was funny for about two seconds. I see what your getting at, but I think the fact that you wasted your time to post this is alot stupider than bales voice. By the way, even if it sounded stressed at times, the whole point to it was to disguise his voice.

  2. Pure genius. The fact that the fanboys get offended makes it even funnier.

  3. ya i agree with jac, it was funny for the first 30 seconds maybe, but it got repetitive…

  4. That would be a great scene for Superhero Movie 2 but if it was lke that it does get boring. Still funny but a little repetative

  5. Really funny and more because its true Bales voice is the worst of any actor to don the suit i understand he is trying to disguise his voice but it sounds terrible and ruins key moments in the film watch Batman begins when he is talking to Gordon “now where two” that part sounded great but bale cant keep it at a steady level hasnt Nolan heard of voiceover dubbing?.

  6. that was hilarious!

  7. Hilarious – albeit overexagerrated.
    And that guys Joker make-up was surprisingly well-done.

    I can understand people not liking Bale’s voice (Although excluding would be much, much worse – you’d be complaining about that if it were the case), but if you claim you can’t understand him then I don’t know how to help you.

  8. Tears! This is the funniest ever (ever)!

  9. I agree with Webjoker, I laughed so badly that it brought tears to my eyes ! *gg*

  10. Aye not funny at all.
    Bale is the best Batman. If you have a problem with his Batman voice, take it up with the hundreds of comics and novels over the years that have described Batman’s voice as (listen up now) DEEP, RASPING, GRAVELLY, GUTTERAL, ALMOST INHUMAN, UNNATURAL, MENACING. Don’t blame Bale, he was just honouring the source material.
    Oorrrrrrrrr perhaps you people are like the ones on IMDB.com, who would laugh if a 6ft 2 muscle bound Bat-creature was shouting at you with this voice, simultaeneously punching 7 bells out of you??????????????

  11. By the way I have to say the Jokers make up was surprisingly well done, but yea, it was too repetitive to stay funny.

  12. pure genius!!

  13. Well said Bernie, Bale’s voice is exactly what I expect to hear when Batman speaks due to ALL the comics and novels describing it that way. If you can’t understand what he is saying then I don’t know what to tell you as I (and everyone I know who saw this movie) understood him perfectly. Batman is meant to disguise is voice so that people can’t hear that he is really Bruce Wayne, I think Christian a two seperate voices for Bruce and Batman which is great.

    Having said that, this clip is funny for about a minute and then it gets stale.

  14. This is absolutely a stupid video. Bernie was spot on. When Bruce Wayne became Batman he DID have to change his voice to maintain his guise. And those ARE the exact adjectives that are actually used to describe Batman’s voice. I mean, face it… Batman probably IS the best superhero out there… but he still dresses up like a bat. He is a bit crazy.. so much so that down the line he gets almost too obsessed with the Batman persona, which starts overshadowing Bruce altogether. In one graphic-novel, while as Bruce, to one of his dialogues, Alfred comments,”um…sir… you know the gruff you used to bring in your voice earlier when you went out as your other self?…. well, you’re doing it all the time”!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. I don’t know what is funnier, the video or the people getting all bent out of shape that people are making fun of Batman. Oh the horror!

  16. LOL. Fanboy please.

    Fanboys: BAAAAAAAWWW! Batman’s voice is supposed to suck! It’s in the comics! STFU, people! BAAAAAAAAAAWWW!

    Joker: There are no words coming out of his mouth. *punch* T-There’s fists coming out…

  17. HAHAHA
    Okay well people don’t have to get all defensive.
    I think it’s hillarious.
    I love it.

  18. Well Live from mom’s basement, leidbag, and fratictictock, in case you havent noticed, this site is all about tdksucks presenting what he thinks are faults in the movie, and people debating with him on his topics. If you are mistaking someone citing the comics and saying “his voice is meant to be like that because its true to the source material” as “im butthurt because your offending my favorite superhero! :’(” then i dont know what to tell you. Its called debating, not “getting defensive”. You must be pretty immature to not know the difference. Whats even funnier is you guys are the ones screaming in all capitals in your comments, not them, whos getting emotional now?

  19. Jac is typing his butthurt reply live from his mom’s basement, ladies and gentlemen! You heard it here first. ^_^

  20. actually he’s refering to one of your foolish comrades, fleabag. Get some literacy skills before you attempt an insult.

    funny for a bit, kinda repetitive (excellent joker costume though). and for those of you are to stupid to figure it out, the voice is obviously to disguise his natural voice. i havent read the comics and even i could figure that one out. but judging by the replies of certain people here, i guess grasping that concept might be beyond their intelligence levels. Of course, those people will just label this a butthurt reply won’t they?

  21. Jimmyboy has so much issues in regards with the Dark Knight’s voice, he’s compelled to post it in a Dark Knight Sucks website. LOLwut?

  22. no, i had no issues with his voice (hockey pads line a bit strained, but otherwise fine). I had issues with your “reply,” but not the voice. so clearly your reading comprehension is an issue.

    and on the topic of reading, if you read around a little, you’ll find that this site has been used to discuss the movie for a long while now.

    try again, leidbag.

  23. This guy leidbag couldn’t even come up with an actual reply to what i originally said so he resorted to a lame cheap shot that only made himself look less intelligent. He then follows it up with a comment about Jimmyboy that hardly even makes sense. Jimmyboy uses this site for exactly what it was intended for, and if submitting his opinion is not the right thing to do, then how is submitting your opinion any better? Hypocrite.

  24. This guy leidbag couldn’t even come up with an actual reply to what i originally said, even though it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that contending that it’s okay the voice sucked because there’s an in-story reason for it to suck is kind of retarded. He then follows it up with a comment to Jimmyboy which clearly shows that Jimmyboy is trolling a site that’s clearly anti-Batman and is simply asking for it. This site is intended for submitting a good opinion for the Dark Knight, that’s why it’s called the Dark Knight… Sucks. Because “Sucks” in this context is “opinion on the movie”.

    Whoops, got to go. My shift at McDonalds is coming up!

  25. You have no replies to what I’ve said, leidbag! That means I own you! Because everybody knows that making debates in a site that clearly advertises itself as against a movie is what life is all about! Right, guys?

    I have never touched a woman in all my life.

  26. NOTE: above post is not mine

    leidbag, or whoever the hell you are

    Don’t use my name to post your idiotic replies. Please. i mean, we know your stupid and have the mental capacity of a park bench, but your just digging yourself deeper.

    though the fact you seem to think using mine and jac’s names to post more pathetic replies is funny would indicate that, yes, i actually DO own you.

    I love irony.
    And i have touched a woman. your mother. and it was goooooood

  27. wow see what i did there? how i used other peoples names to make my lame comebacks? those guys are like gonna be so butthurt because clearly my pathetic not actually funny humour is better than anything those two highly intelligent (and very handsome) fanboys could come up with! LOl i so pwnt them! i own even tho i can’t even come up with an intelligent response so i just post bs! LOL

    Oh, no, gotta go. my mum just found about all that man porn i downloaded. sigh, better leave the basement…

  28. I’m sorry leidbag, I shouldn’t have done that. You see, to tell the truth, all the posts after September 10 are all my sock puppets. Yes, I’ve been speaking to myself all this time.

    And the woman I touched? It wasn’t your mother. It was mine. And it was goooooooood. But that’s neither here or there.

    Leidbag? Hello, leidbag? ANSWER ME, DAMMIT! Rwrwar hrefh herfrrr rrr!

    …Oh, and Dark Knight rocks my socks.

  29. again: above post not mine. leidbag again

    the truth: posts after September 10 come from me, leidbag and Jac. all separate people. not all from me. two of the people i list above have the distinction of not being a tosser. Pick the odd one out.

    so, about your above post, fleabag:
    is this your attempt at satire? at mocking fanboys? is this what you need to resort to to make yourself feel better? because, y’know, clearly your not yet capable of coming up with anything resembling an intelligent reply. But identity theft?

    It’s actually quite amusing. do you have self esteem issues leidbag? do you want to be me? are you jealous that some people other than yourself have evolved beyond neanderthal state? Is that it? Or are you so stupid you think that posting bs which obviously isn’t mine under my name is “witty”?

    i mean, a breif summary of this arguement:

    Jimmyboy & Jac: yeh, the voice is like that for a reason. didn’t suck that bad either.
    Leidbag: oh no! an intelligent response! i can’t possibly think of anything to reply with! *sits there for nearly a month* ah-ha! i know what ill say!


    Jimmyboy & Jac: yeah, your replies don’t really make sense leidbag. and they’re stupid.

    Leidbag: oh darn, they’re right…um….AH-HA! I’ll use their NAMES!

    Leidbag (as jimmyboy & Jac): BAWWWWW! BLABLABLABLABLA LOL

    Yeah, that’s SO witty. Tool.

    Oh, one thing you did get right leidbag: the Dark Knight does rock my socks.

    Fanboy 4 Life. and Proud

  30. The long and involved above post? Again, not me. I obviously don’t look _that_ desperate for attention. I would never embarrass myself with such drivel. No siree.

    On that note…. LEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIDBAAAAAAAAAAAG!!! Answer me, LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIDBAAAAAAAAAAG!!! Talk to me, dammit! I need acknowledgement! Do you know how hard it is to talk to myself?

    In any case, I’m off to troll other boards on how much Dark Knight rules despite the fact that you can barely understand the Dark Knight, or the movie has dropped from the IMDB boards once the hype was over, or the fact that Rachel Dawes was scarier than the joker, or the fact that they wasted a perfectly good villain to unnecessarily pad out the movie, or the fact that the boat scene was incredibly cheesy, or the fact that the Joker is omniscient while Batman is impotent, or… (ahem) THE DARK KNIGHT RULZ! (giggle)

  31. The stupid and intelligence deficient above post? not me. again. Because i definitely wouldn’t embarass myself with that sort of carp. Unlike the person who is impersonating me, who clearly doesn’t have the stones to use their own name when they insult me. or the brains to do it well.

    moving on to the multitude of stupidity that was my “alter-ego’s” post…

    “I’m off to troll other boards”

    Take your head out of your arse and notice that since this site was created there has been arguement. It has been used for debate since july. the site’s creator obviously has no problem with that, otherwise he’d have deleted all my posts. and all the other pro-tdk posts on the site

    “you can barely understand the Dark Knight”

    well, a brain cell deficient neanderthal such as yourself would definitely have problems with it. Maybe if people actually tried, y’know, PAYING ATTENTION in the movie they’d understand it. but they didn’t. and apparently, that isn’t their fault. right.

    “or the movie has dropped from the IMDB boards once the hype was over”

    Ahem. it dropped from #1 to #3. I doubt you could really call that a significant drop. or much of a drop AT ALL. and its stayed at number three for over a month now. which would clearly indicate that once the hype died down, people still thought it was a good movie. so, once again, your wrong.

    “Rachel Dawes was scarier than the joker”

    Okay, to all the anti-fanboys out there: it is sometimes okay for female leads not to make you cream the moment they enter a shot. Deal with it. Though i can imagine that women WOULD terrify an under-developed unintelligent person such as yourself.

    “wasted a perfectly good villain to unnecessarily pad out the movie”

    Clearly, the joker was going to be the focus of the next movie. which means that two face didnt need to be kept around. And, seriously, as if an ex-DA could start his own gang. Or even survive the inevitable revenge of maroni’s men after he killed maroni. Or avoid the police after he capped the commisioner’s son and killed another officer. Theres no way that he would have survived for round three even IF batman didnt kill him.

    And they didn’t waste two-face. the scarecrow, yes they probably wasted a bit, i’ll grant you that. but not two face. they told the origin story (which even some comic fans will admit is probably the best part of the two-face story), showed the effects of the jokers actions and how he could destroy even the best of men. it also rounded off the escalation theme gordon raised at the end of BB rather nicely (two-face only created because of the actions of the three heroes).

    “the boat scene was incredibly cheesy”

    Uh-huh. How exactly? What, demonstrating that the joker’s view of the world was inherently flawed and that he was wrong, that the good in people could sometimes overcome the evil and that sometimes civilised people wouldn’t “eat each other” under such circumstances? (if you pay attention in the interogation scene, you’ll understand what i mean). the fact he loaded the boats with explosives? Well, seeing as the city was in hysteria and eager to flee, the joker was by now loaded and had access to corrupt cops, i dont think its implausible.

    Or the fact that the two boats didn’t off each other? Again, it shows that sometimes the best in people wins out. (civilians couldn’t bring themselves to murder those who had done wrong, prisoner redeemed himself and made sure that the inocents of society were spared)

    “or the fact that the Joker is omniscient”

    nope. just a good tactician, unpredictable, and with a large group of followers and money (and the mob and corrupt public officials).


    well, i guess even fools are bound to be right some of the time.

    Sayonara (and use your own name ffs)

  32. Whoah. I’m back, guys. Sorry about the nonsense I posted above. I didn’t get my valium dose at the time. Color me embarrassed, I look like a total tool above, don’t I?

    Seriously, now that I’m back to my senses, I now recognize that this movie is flawed, but okay, and I don’t need to kick people’s balls just because I’m blinded by fanboy bias that compels me to suck Joker cock. Sorry gu—aaahahahaha! No! NO! I TAKE IT ALL BACK! THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THE DARK KNIGHT, BRROOOOOTHER! IF A MOVIE MAKES LOTS OF MONEY, THEN IT’S AUTOMATICALLY GOOD! BATMAN WAS PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDABLE! HE WAS JUST SPEAKING MOTORCYCLE ENGINE! AND IF ANYBODY DISAGREES WITH ME, I’LL WHINE ABOUT IT IN THIS FORUM! BRRRRROOOOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!22222

    …Man, I have issues. I’ll be in therapy for a while. See you in a bit, Jimmyboy. It’s been nice chatting with me.

  33. It has been nice chatting with you, strange incoherent multiple personality who is really a deluded sad jealous person using my name. goodbye and good ridance

    I do recognise the movie is flawed. it ain’t perfect. but it sure as heck don’t suck. oh, and it makes money. boo hoo. yes its richer than you or i (i use two descriptive terms because we are different people. gasp) are ever going to be. again, doesn’t mean it sucks. just means its doing well.

    but, its funny though. he tries to critique the movie in one post, fails at it, and then ignores said failure by rehashing roger’s money arguements. so he’s stealing my name and roger’s arguments. huh. cute. well ill agree with you on one point: you do have issues. especially seeing as the argument you’re now using is basically a combination of tall poppy syndrome and caps lock.

    Have fun in therapy, whoever the hell you are. hopefully the nice men in white jackets will help you remember your real name.

  34. I love talking to myself. Have fun with therapy, myself! I know I will, and so do I.

  35. I love this video!!! The other video by this guy is hilarious too.
    Joker: What is that? Is that bat? Are you speaking bat?
    I agree with the people saying that the ‘fanboys’(what about fangirls, girls read comics too jerks) need to grow a funny bone and understand that it was done as a joke. I don’t think this guy would waste his money getting two full costumes if he didn’t like the movie or comic book at least a little. It’s just a humorous exaggerationg, calm down.
    But on the other hand, the people blasting the fans of the comics need to learn their place. Yes, the movie was made as entertainment for all, but the movie is based after a COMIC BOOK. Details were included in the movie that only the fans of the COMIC BOOK(see the ahmazing connection there) would get. Wonder why that is? Hmmm…..it’s just a hunch but maybe a movie based after BATMAN THE COMIC BOOK would have details from BATMAN THE COMIC BOOK! And this might seem crazy but maybe the movie based after BATMAN THE COMIC BOOK is aimed strongly at a demographic of people who like BATMAN THE COMIC BOOK. Now fans of the comic book won’t understand non-comic book readers to start reading the series and become huge fans and sell your souls to the Joker, but when critiqueing a COMIC BOOK MOVIE you should at least do a little research on details from the ACTUAL COMIC BOOK.

    On a side note, anyone who didn’t realize that Batsy is being growly to conceal his voice is just an idiot. And I know that the video is purposefully exaggerating the situation, but I think there are some people who thought he was too growly. He wasn’t barking, his voice was just a little gruff. If anyone couldn’t understand him, they need to get their ears checked.

  36. Woops, typo. instead of “won’t understand” I meant to say “don’t expect”. Sorry.

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