Bush or Batman?

This got me laughing today.  Edit: This is just a brief comedy break everyone, the TDK Sucks blog is still on track LOL… with more writeups on the way.  Bookmark the site, grab the RSS feeds, add it to Del.icio.us, Digg it, save it as a fav in Technorati, do what you must.  More on the way.  In the meantime, enjoy a laugh:

Secret Pants Sketch Comedy presents “Bush or Batman”

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11 Responses to “Bush or Batman?”

  1. What the fuck does this have to do with why The Dark Knight sucks?! Don’t post gay youtube vids on a blog devoted to point out the flaws in TDK. You puts.

  2. Because TDK had overtones of “Bushism” and Bush-era morals to it. My apologies if you are mentally challenged and I offended you with this post by pointing out your diminished intellect.

  3. Than make a post with all the “Bushisms” in TDK. Don’t post a corny ass video asking people “Bush or Batman” with them using quotes from the TV SERIES. This youtube video had nothing to do with the movie, it’s about Adam West and the stupid writers for the Batman TV series. Also point out the fact that Bruce wayne is one of the wealthiest most powerful man on earth, yet he can’t get a suit of armor that can protect him from gun fire or a silly knife.

  4. or dogs (obvs.)

  5. Geez, try to relax a bit. I can’t get every issue of the movie written up instantly, it takes time to write up the new entries. I had a little extra time today and threw up a few lighter pieces. I did intend to write a “Bushism in TDK” writeup but that one will take more thought and care as the messages in TDK won’t all overt.

  6. Good. Glad to see you are back on top of your game. Don’t let this corny shit happen again. I’ll be checking for your new post…make it a good one.

  7. LOL I don’t know which is funnier, the video or now the insistence from people that I stay on top of my “TDK Sucks” game. HAHA don’t worry, I’ve already got notes on the next 5 writeups for the weekend not including a Bushism one – feel free to contact me with your thoughts on any moments of the film that capture that tone (using the contact page).

  8. Hey Melissa …. remember when you wrote this?

    “Don’t let this corny shit happen again. I’ll be checking for your new post…make it a good one.”

    One thought came to mind… and that was “really?” No, seriously… really? Why don’t you make your own TDK sucks website if you care so much. No, wait, I’m sorry. To use the word “care” in your situation would be giving you too much credit. It’s more so the undeserved sense of entitlement you seem to have from poking holes in a movie (and whether you like or not, and we know you don’t, it’s just a fucking movie) to throwing a temper tantrum that rivals even the brattiest, over-spoiled (I know it’s redundant) 5 year olds. And after all, when the day is done, I’m pretty sure you have more important things you could (and really should) be worrying about.

    What’s more is that you’re lucky that someone took the time to make this site so that you could behave this way and yet you still manage to find faults. You should be thanking them for creating an environment for you to thrive in, yet you can’t seem to help yourself.

    In the end it’s their site. So shut your fucking mouth or create your own TDKsucks website.

    But we both know that’s not going to happen so good luck with that.

  9. Melissa Ponce De Lion, thank you so much for caring enough about this video to inspire a flame war. You are truly a useless individual.

  10. Paul, we should totally hang out sometime. How’s Wednesday around 7pm?

  11. This is by far the only useful thing on this pathetic website.
    Funny video, especially the old guy ranting on Bush.

    Oh, and tdksucks, don’t make me laugh with the Bush-era Morals in TDK – there are none. There was actually a conservative author who wrote up an article explaining those, and it’s been shred to pieces (Both by fans and professional critics). Get on with your life, this isn’t worth it.

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