Gordon Drowned… by Music Score

At times when Lieutenant Gordon, played by Gary Oldman, was talking, he could barely be heard due to being drowned out by the music score.  Music in movies at times can be great, especially when it enhances the story-telling and helps drive an emotion home.  There are instances in TDK where the score is so overwhelming as to actually make it hard to understand what Gordon is saying.

Some moments in the movie, the score worked great, in others it distracted.  The disjointed execution of the music scoring was mediocre, which is easy enough to ignore when trying to enjoy a movie, but there were moments that it was simply done so wrong as to be distracting.

Maybe sub-titling could have helped.

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9 Responses to “Gordon Drowned… by Music Score”

  1. This is a pointless article — I could hear everything he said perfectly fine. Maybe you’re just a little hard of hearing and looking for a reason to bitch.

  2. ROFL. love the Beethoven picture.

    I agree. The end scene where he’s talking, (batman is goofily running in the alley with his cape bouncing around)….and the dramatic music is playing. What the hell did Gordon say?

    The only thing I could make out was “That’s why he’s the lone dark knight” ???

  3. This is very true. As a long-time Batman fan, I took it upon myself to see this movie 3 times thus far, in 3 different theatres. I went to 2 Regal Cinema theatres, and both of which had excellent quality audio and Gordon could be heard clear as day. I also went to an independent theatre, lacking surround sound, where the soundtrack muddled together and drowned out the voices. It all depends on where you see the film. (Cinema 7 in Bennington, VT Sucks)

  4. i didn’t think so. i heard everything gordon said, although the score was more noticable here, i think it enhanced every scene. i loved the soundtrack, it was great. and by no means would this complaint make tdk ’suck’ as the website proclaims..

  5. subtitling…or try a different theater

    the first theater at which i saw TDK had that same issue, then i went to see it again at a different theater and had no problem hearing any dialogue at all.

    that just means the theater is not doing a proper job adjusting their sound mixer for the given movie… the theater is definitely to blame for anything like that since it could be corrected quite easily even if the original score was too loud

  6. Agreed, this is a theatre problem, not the movie. I’ve also had this problem in theatres, which resolved itself on DVD or at other showings at other places.

  7. agreed with you …………..

  8. I went to watch it at an IMAX cinema in the UK – and I had the same problem, particularly at the beginning of the movie. I was straining to make out what he was saying above the orchestral score

  9. You guys must have went to theaters that were having issues because I saw it both in IMAX and in a regular theater and both times i heard all of the dialogue just fine.

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