Release The Hounds

In “Batman Begins”, Christian Bale is shown to be skillful and powerful enough to hold his own against multiple dangerous opponents, including skilled ninja-types.  Although the fight scenes could have been more clear in BB, they were still engaging and entertaining.  So how come in “The Dark Knight” all it takes to bring Batman down so that The Joker can pound on him (with, I believe, a piece of wood of all things) are a couple of rottweilers?


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10 Responses to “Release The Hounds”

  1. First joker had two long metal pipes

    Second three full grown rottweilers are going to take a man down.

    If I remember correctly he deflects the first dog and when he turns back the second and third are already upon him and knock him down, which then quickly the Joker is on him.

    By the time he gets his bearings he is able to kick the joker and the dogs off.

    Do you actually pay attention to whats going on when you see movies???

  2. He should just use the Bat Dog Repellant in his utility belt.

    OR AT LEAST MIX SOME UP after the 5th time a dog kicked his ass in this movie.

  3. But had he had a “dog repellent” would not this site have been muddled with, “ZOMG HE CAN’T HAVE DOG REPELLENT IN A REALISTICZOR WORLD!!!”

  4. It’s called MACE ding dong.

  5. Pieces of wood, metal pipes, what’s the difference… Batman took on upwards of a dozen ninjas in “Batman Begins”, and it was made somewhat believable then, yet now he’s incapable of dodging a couple of puppies and get his ass pinned by the non-ninja Joker…

  6. It’s a movie. Get over it.

  7. this is a movie we will be unable to avoid for the next twenty years on cable tv, like die hard or terminator. another mindless joy ride that is very much like going to a sterile amusement park and riding some scary/thrilling rides. afterward you go, that was cool, let’s do it again. but sooner or later you realize you’re not going anywhere.

  8. I like how you refer to those full grown dogs as puppies, maybe i should release some “puppies” on you sometime and see how you deal with it. And yes, he is very skilled in hand to hand combat, but not hand to paw combat with dogs. And two steel pipes beating on you while your dealing with two ferocious dogs is a lot different than just some guy walking up to you and hitting you with a piece of wood, like you made it sound. Stop exaggerating scenes of the movie to make your point sound better.

  9. the skilled ninja types didn’t charge at him full pelt and adopt what i beleive the marines call the “lecter manouver” (biting) And it’s not wood, its a crowbar. Hurts more than wood and does more damage (its a reference to the comics were the joker beats robin to death with a crowbar). now, im sure even the most skilled ninja on earth, wearing armour, would have a problem if 3 full grown rottweiliers knocked him over and proceeded to maul him while he got a beating with a crowbar. maybe he did take on a dozen ninjas in BB. but ninjas dont run at you with little care for their own safety in groups of threes, tackles you, and bite you with razor sharp teeth. Batmans trained against opponents of roughly the same size and physique. and species. Not dogs. Can’t exactly unleash a roundhouse kick on a dog can you? so once batman was pinned, jokers non ninja skills didnt matter. once your opponents down, you hit em hard and hit em a lot. don’t need a black belt to figure that out.

  10. Batman fought at most four ninjas- at any given single time- in begins, not upwards of a dozen. And Joker, while not a ninja or as good at hand-to-hand as Batman himself, isn’t a total lightweight or anything- the `pencil trick’ required a fair bit of speed and skill, and in the comics Joker can handle himself real well.

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