Give Maroni a Break

At some point in the movie Batman throws the mob boss Salvatore Maroni, played by Eric Roberts, from a few stories up, and Maroni lands on his feet none too comfortably – it’s clearly shown and implied that he at least broke his ankles if not altogether broke major bones in his legs.  Yet later in the movie, not very long at all in the the overall timeline, he’s seen standing rather normally outside Harvey Dent’s hospital room when James Gordon walks out and talks to him.  Then later shown walking almost normally with just the help of a cane when stepping into his limo.

So let’s get this straight – a man (clearly in his late 40s or early 50s) is dropped feet-first from a height of approximately 2 or 3 stories (maybe more), lands smack on his feet with a seriously disturbing cracking sound shown very distinctly, and barely 2 (or at most 3) days later in the story line he’s walking and standing almost completely normally with barely the need of a cane.

Maybe his legs have the same ability to withstand damage as Harvey’s eyeballs? Maybe Harvey should have traded his eyeballs for Maroni’s legs because he didn’t appear to survive what seemed to be a fall from the same height at the end of the movie.

Or maybe Maroni got strong bones by emulating Batman.  Hey Batman, got milk?

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11 Responses to “Give Maroni a Break”

  1. I did notice that too, I would like to re-watch the legs hitting the floor scene to see how bad it was.

    Anyway in regards to Harvey’s eye, his face burned because the flammable liquid whatever it was was only on the part of is face that was touching the floor. He was only on fire for a matter of seconds. Whatever that liquid was (probably nitroglycerin) it obviously burns extremly hot.
    This would severely damage any skin that the liquid was in direct contact with. This did not include his eye.
    What about his eyelid you may say? Well if all the skin around it was burned it would have to be removed or it would rot. As mentioned in the film he refused a skin graft.

  2. A small discrepancy is hardly something to care about. Every movie has them. It’s not as if the plot would have been affected (AT ALL) if Maroni’s post-fall condition was a bit more noticeable. Stop looking for ridiculous things to hold against the movie. If you’re going to waste your time, at least look for significant problems.

  3. Again, here you go assuming he broke both his legs with terrible multiple fractures. I remember when he landed he let his legs give out from under him, so for all we know that sound could have been one of his ankles breaking, which would also be very painful, but you would walk with a cain the next day from something like that. Or if it was one of his legs, like a tibia fracture, he would have had a cast under his pant leg. I would know my friend has done that before.

  4. Wow Jac, do you work for Nolan?

    Anyway, that was really funny… XD

  5. the film is full of sillyness and is a complete dead-end in every way.
    pointing out specific lapses in sketchy logic may help the sheep understand why this sucks, but the real reason should be obvious and it has nothing to do with logic and everything to do with heart. this film has none. it is a lifeless form of entertainment and does nothing to help one see. it ’s like a ride at an amusement park, nothing more.

  6. Yes, I work for Nolan because im aware that its possible to only break an ankle from a 2-3 story fall depending on how you land. It must suck to not know how to say anything besides a generic comeback.

  7. Jac’s got you there, hafabat.

  8. When he is outside the room, and throughout the rest of the movie, he is walking with a cane….didnt you notice?

  9. tdksucks, they have these AM-AZING things called canes, ya’see? To help with the walking? Maroni landed more or less on his feet, which, as Jac pointed out, could result in no less than an ankle fracture. And he could have hidded the cast under his pant leg if the break was higher up and/or worse (your a logical guy, right? you really think a mob boss would want to show off the fact that some guy roughed him up?)

    why wouldn’t Dent be able to survive the fall? well, there was the small fact that HE GOT TACKLED OFF THE BUILDING AND WENT HEAD FIRST. Maroni did not (dropped, legs first). hence maroni would obviously be able to survive whereas two-face did not because two face broke his fall with his head/neck region. Probably didnt help batman landed on top of the guy either.

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  11. It is a careless mistake (you’d figure the continuity guy would have spotted that), but it doesn’t take away from the film.

    This blog is really lame, lol.

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