Holy Penthouse Peepers, Batman!

Bruce wayne is temporarily living in a penthouse in Chicago (I mean Gotham) and the penthouse has huge windows overlooking the city, with endless buildings around him.  He chooses at one moment to sit in his batsuit, minus mask, facing 2 windows where any one of thousands of people in nearby buildings could decide to look out their window or use binoculars or a telescope and see Bruce Wayne in a Batman suit.  Given that Bruce Wayne is such a “celebrity” (reaffirmed by the gossip stories shown in newspapers whenever he does something interesting), it’s pretty plausible to think that at any given moment there are eyes trained on his penthouse windows.

I’ve heard some fanatics try to explain this away (“there are no nearby buildings”, “the buildings are too far”, “maybe people would think he’s wearing Batman pajamas”) but then there’s this other dangling question: Clearly in every scene when he’s in his costume, he’s got black face makup all around his eyes.  Where was that makeup if he had just plopped down in the chair to stare so meditatively out the window?  His eyes should have looked like those of a raccoon when Alfred came around to bring him breakfast.

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27 Responses to “Holy Penthouse Peepers, Batman!”

  1. Batcondo.

  2. Tinted windows/mirrored galss

  3. This bugged me too, but then I realized that considering he’s Bruce Wayne and thus has probably the best condo in the city, the glass is probably that one-way mirror stuff, and if we were to look in from the outside, it would just be reflection. Probably not too uncommon in a big city like that, at least based off of movies I’ve seen that take place in big cities.

  4. tru but a lil picky i must say. his eyes would have the paint. minor detail. and how many people look at the rooftop of a 60 story building in downtown chicago (gotham) lol. at midnight? my guess…he was pretty safe.

  5. were there any shots from outside of the condo? do you know for certain that bruce wayne, a billionaire, could not possibly have one-way mirror windows?

  6. The black eye make-up is on every Batman and is always magically gone whenever he takes the cowl off. How many times did Michael Keaton walk around the Batcave in his Batman pajamas?

    Oh, and…. why so fucking serious?

    maybe you should SMILE a little more often

  7. And the windows are probably tinted. He is fabulously filthy rich, you know?

  8. It wasn’t at midnight, it was in the middle of the morning when he was sitting around in his Batsuit.

    That’s what really bothered me even in the trailer. It’s not secret if you are in a bat terrarium half batdressed.

  9. Plus Bruce Wayne is one of the most famous people in the city and he’s always bagging multiple girls at once. You think the paparazzi would follow him.

    Actually did you notice ANY citizens in Gotham? The city was deserted. The only reason we knew Batman was disliked was because of the press conference.

  10. What does tdksucks have to say about the tinted windows? I don’t remember any outside shots but I do also know that in a big city even some non-tinted windows can be reflective to the point of hiding whats inside in the sunlight.

  11. I recall seeing an outside shot of the penthouse before the little dinner party

  12. Either way Batman should be more careful.

  13. I did see the outside shot too but that is such a minor point, although correct, that it doesnt bother me and it certainly doesnt make the movie suck by any standards.

  14. I disliked the movie as much as you apparently did, but come on… with all the real issues to take to task (enough to probably write a book) you nitpick stupid details like this.

    I like a few of your arguments but some are just petty.

  15. STeresi, some are going to be minor, I know. If you’ve got some bigger issues you think we might miss, please add them to the sugestions page.

  16. Everything I have seen on this site is nit-picking that would garner a 9-9.5/10 not a 0-3/10

    Where are the major issues you have that make this movie SUCK!!!!!????


  17. Somehow, I doubt Bruce would be stupid enough to leave himself perfectly vulnerable up in his penthouse. Tinted windows, more than likely bullet-proof, etc.

  18. After his friend that he has known since childhood and also who he loved was killed. I doubt Bruce cared if anyone could see him or not.

  19. I believe the point of that scene was that Bruce was hoping someone saw him so he would not have to step up himself.

    He was in a moment of weakness where he didn’t want to be Batman because he didn’t want more people dying but he didn’t want to take Batman away when he was needed so he sat there hoping to be seen so he wouldn’t have to choose for himself wether to keep on as Batman.

  20. I wonder, why don’t you take down criticisms that have been clearly proved false?

    Sure, that would leave you with about 3 or so, but still, it’s overly apparent that this isn’t a flaw – at all.

  21. “I wonder, why don’t you take down criticisms that have been clearly proved false?”

    You mean delete all the stupid comments from people who can’t stand their perception of a “masterpiece” being shattered?

  22. Whether you think it’s a masterpiece or not is completely subjective.
    That’s not what I’m talking about.

    I’m talking about these supposed “flaws” that have been repeatedly proven to be false by multiple posters, including this one. Of course, with this website existing in the first place, I don’t really expect you to. But it’d be convenient.

  23. “Somehow, I doubt Bruce would be stupid enough to leave himself perfectly vulnerable up in his penthouse. Tinted windows, more than likely bullet-proof, etc.”

    They aren’t bullet-proof–The Joker shot one with a handgun and it completely shattered, remember?

  24. :lol:

  25. Why so serious?

  26. It’s a movie, end of story. Anyone know the name of the building where the penthouse was?

  27. I agree with this completely, to the people that don’t, so you are saying that Bruce Wayne, a multi-billionair bachelor who is always being hounded by the media, so he has to stay active, and make up stories as to what he is doing when he is really being batman, has the freedom of not being spied on in his penthouse? Yet he has to make elaborate covers like super model yatch trip? Give me a break, this movie is horrible.

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