Half a Face Equals a Normal Voice

The Joker has fully-healed scars on the sides of his face and has a slurry/smacky voice, clearly meant to show that his voice is at least partly affected by his disfigurement.  Yet Harvey Dent has half his face melted off with huge gaping holes where his mouth is, is allegedly in extreme pain, hasn’t fully healed yet, and still sounds the same.

Most people sound different when they just go to the dentist and get a shot of novacaine.

It’s a miracle.

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15 Responses to “Half a Face Equals a Normal Voice”

  1. I think the main reason is simply the need to make Two-Face’s speech understandable. If they were to make it realistic, no one would be able to understand his dialogue at all.

  2. haha very tru. apparently cg and audio crew didnt work together on that one lol

  3. 2 face sounds like Ben Stiller from Dodgeball lol

  4. I think this is nitpicking. A movie doesn’t have to be 100% realistic – some liberties should be taken to make it enjoyable. If they had done this realistically, like the earlier posters are saying, it would have ruined the atmosphere, if his speech had been understandable at all. It’s such a tiny issue that it really shouldn’t have hurt your or anyone else’s suspension of disbelief.

  5. “[The Joker] has a slurry/smacky voice, clearly meant to show that his voice is at least partly affected by his disfigurement.” – How did you figure that one out?

  6. actually i think this blog was started just to make the authors famous….

    they never appreciated wats good…. but yeah… without watching the movie closely… thy r commenting rubbish!
    the “missong meat” thing…the new suit was better against dogs etc bt nt knives…

    also i wanna say that this is not a mock of a real event/person!
    It’s a fantasy… fiction…Coincidences are a part of fiction
    i think u will say HPs, LOTR’s , Prestige, Godfather etc everything sucks… because they had coincidences!

  7. The Joker does not have a slurry voice at all. And for two face, why does it matter if his voice is no different? seriously, that makes the movie terrible?

  8. even you guys that defend it to no end have to admit that two faces CGI was the stupidest thing about the movie….I mean come! Forget about not being able to understand him, he wouldn’t even be able to talk at all. I’m no doctor…but I play one on TV. Which is why I wish they would have just waited for the next batman.. -.-

  9. They had to reduce the realism of his face to avoid an R rating. This movie was walking the border and chris nolan even said they had some less exaggerated forms of two face’s left side but they had to make it not as realistic to snag the pg-13 rating. It looked real enough, its not like it was painful to look at. Also, in the comics, they have never said that harvey cant talk right after the disfigurement, they are honoring the source material.
    You wouldnt be able to understand him at all and he would probably talk like bane from batman and robin if they had screwed up his speech to match his face.

  10. I think the Joekr hass a slurry smacky voice because that’s how alot of mental patients who’ve gone of their meds talk (dehydration is a side-effect of both taking, and ceasing to take- many known anti-pychotic drugs). You have a terrible general knowledge.

  11. To the person who wasn’t happy with the way Two-Face looks i think you need to take a look at the orginal comics with two face in it and compare that to the old Batman movie (where Tommy Jones played two face) and check out the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight really hit right on target with the way Two-Face looks.(in respect to the comic)

  12. “I think the Joekr hass a slurry smacky voice because that’s how alot of mental patients who’ve gone of their meds talk (dehydration is a side-effect of both taking, and ceasing to take- many known anti-pychotic drugs).”
    Except for the spelling, you’re bang on about the Joker, Earlofthercs!
    Although I don’t think this is G.K., the makers of the post should certainly know about something if it is the object of their critique.
    Also, most deranged men do have a slightly different speech than most normal guys.
    The Joker’s voice didn’t seem all that strange to me either. I have heard many people talk like that. I think the licking of the lips made the speech seem weirder.

    About Two-face’s speech, nothing happened to his vocal cords or his throat, so there really isn’t much reason for him to have any change of voice. Pull one cheek and speak… Or stick two of your fingers into your mouth and pull one cheek outwards and speak… there isn’t gonna be much of a change in your voice.

    And his burnt appearance is quite realistic… i have spoken to doctor friend of mine about it. The left side of Dent’s face is soaked in an accelerant, which is ignited, completely burning and charring the skin on the left side of his face. His left eyelid is completely burned as well as most of his cheek, exposing his jaw muscles and the inside of his mouth.

    I am left wondering where the post creators vanish when their claims are totally destroyed…

  13. I have to complain about how they messed up Two-Face’s character too. Two-Face doesn’t even have a split personality. Why would they mess these things up? Do they think they can just re-create a character? It definetly was not an improvement.

  14. True true. Does it really matter why the joker’s voice is f*cked up? Either way, two-face got totally ruined in the movie. the way his face was burnt, the way he talked, his personality, and how long he was two-face was terribly adapted into some pointless excuse for a villain.

    BTW Whatever.

  15. Two-Face’s didnt have a split personality in the comics until after the work of Paul Dini and Bruce Timms on the Batman Animated series influenced the comcis retrospectively. He used to have a good side and bad side that were both active all the time and fully aware of each other and accepting of the actions the other carried out as they both believed in the coin. That seems pretty close to the movie Harvey Dent. I think alot of people who didnt like the movies portrayel are only familier with the cartoon or post cartoon issues of the comics.

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