Maggie Gyllenhaal, America's Next Top Model

She may also receive an Oscar nomination for best supporting male actor, although I hear she’ll be up against the likes of Heath Ledger.  She wasn’t available for comment but her brother Jake, who starred alongside Heath in a highly acclaimed movie, may be a presenter for the award and will probably want to give it to his sister as much as he wants to give it to Heath.

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9 Responses to “Maggie Gyllenhaal, America's Next Top Model”

  1. I disagree with almost everything you say on this site, except this. Why the hell did they cast her. She’s not hot and not a very good actress.

    I really just didn’t care about her at all.

  2. she’s a good actress, but it’s tough to be a good actress when you have very little dialogue, get blown up, and your director doesn’t seem to care about you much either. Besides, what’s her motivation? We gave you this role because the last actress was really bad so don’t screw it up?

  3. Hello… when an character gets blown up and you could care less… that means they absolutely sucked in their role – even small roles should have an impact and she failed. The only reason Katie Holmes wasn’t in it was because she asked for too much money. I wish instead of trying to cast a haggard version of Katie Holmes they would have just cast some unknown actress… couldn’t have been any worse. This chick pretty much ruined the movie in my opinion. You’ve got this great cast and then bamm, they throw dog girl in the mix??? I’ll never understand that one.

  4. I think she did a pretty good job, sure she’s not that hot, but I think calling her dog girl is a little harsh

    btw, I stumbled onto this website by accident and have to say that I disagree with every article on it, The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie I’ve ever seen (and yes, I have seen the Tim Burton ones), it’s maybe even the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen (and yes, I have seen the Spiderman trilogy, and I thought the 3rd one sucked) and people’s complaints about it being too long (would you rather it was too short like Hancock?) or too dark (this is the best aspect of it and Chris Nolan has captured the essence of what Batman should be like perfectly) are frankly stupid.

  5. She’s not as hot as Katy Holmes granted, but there’s something definately WAY sexier about her voice and her acting.

  6. I think that Maggie Gyllenhall ruined the Batman movie. I loved it except ever scene that she was in.

    In the film the leading lady, Batman’s love and the other lead’s love, should be so gorgeous and charasmatic that we instantly know why these two men struggle over her. Ok so she’s not the classical beauty, not eve close, but her acting doesn’t make up for it. Doesn’t even make me like her a little bit. As a matter of fact, her bad acting made me only concentrate on how unattractive she is in relation to this film. I don’t meant to be critical and would love to see her in other things. But she is NOT Batman’s leading lady love. NOT AT ALL

  7. Lol, at least we can agree on something. It is because of TDK and Donnie Darko that my friends and I refer to her exclusively as Rachel B*tch.(comic/nrrrdgrrrl related inside joke that no one could possibly understand. She is ugly(and a b*tch and I think that is one of the only mistakes(in my opinion) that they made. And Jake would definitely give the award to Heath, he can’t cheat on his lover.

  8. How can’t you call her dog girl? She looks like a shaved puppy, and she just straight up sucked in this movie. Sure the director didn’t care about her, and she had little motivation, but even without all that decent actors can make something out of it. But no, all she did was contribute to the film the same thing the other characters did; boring ass acting and terrible take’s on the real characters. And anyone who disagrees with the posting of this site should (rather than bore us with your dull and unoriginal/unintelligent insults) just get the hell off the site and quit wasting your time like we are supposedly are.

  9. Actually, i think she was way better than katie holmes, her role wasnt that big, so it wasnt necesary to make her such a big character… she maked Rachel a more human character, not that much of a goodie two shoes like Katie did. BTW I would rather see Katie blowed up… cant stand the thing she did with her mouth when she was “dissapointed” in bruce (in my opinion, thats bad acting) and something else… she is not ugly at all, if you ever see her in real life you would know (i have seen her), and thats another good point, she wasnt in the movie for her i-wanna-f$ck-you-in-the-ass looks, she was in the movie for her acting. sorry for my english, im peruvian

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