He Was Missing The Piece of Meat

I was laughing with my buddy today about the rottweiler scene near the end and how farcical it was overall.  Firstly, it was funny how in a movie where the lead villain happens to only carry knives for weapons, Bruce Wayne just happened to want a newer costume and the new one Lucious gave him just happened to not be effective at defending against knives or dogs (presumably the original one would better help against dog bites or attacks somehow…).  They actually had dialogue about this in the movie, so it was implied to be meaningful, and then HOW COINCIDENTALLY those were the primary “weapons” he would have had to defend himself in the last confrontation scene in the movie.  Woah… didn’t see THAT coming…

Well anyway, so he’s got all this nifty sci-fi 30-million cell phone bat sonar 3D thing hooked up to his headgear, and is able to “see” every everything up until just getting to the floor The Joker is on.  So, uh, what – he couldn’t see that there were dogs up there and be prepared?  I mean, maybe if he’d have taken that one tiny precaution since he was doing that pretty thoroughly floor-to-floor anyway, he’d have thought to stop by a Ralph’s on the way and picked up a couple juicy raw steaks for the puppies.  That’s usually the way every other protagonist in all other Hollywood movies distract guard dogs.

My friend also mentioned something else that was odd about that scene – The Joker had Batman pinned and he uses those projective “knives” (or whatever they were) to quickly get The Joker off him.  So you would think they would be gashing into The Joker’s face based on the angle, otherwise if they were just a distraction then it was a pretty lame use of that gadget.  This one I’m not so sure about (maybe he did have huge gashes or slices on his face or neck when hanging upside down?), but worth mentioning.  Still, with all of Batman’s fighting skills, he couldn’t get a single scrawny Joker off of him from that position?  Even a low rung UFC guy can do that with a simple leg grapple.  Maybe Bruce needs some tips from Randy Couture or Chuck Liddell?

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11 Responses to “He Was Missing The Piece of Meat”

  1. it’s a movie. that’s how they work.

  2. This is my first post I’ve read on this site, and you’re already so far off the mark that I doubt I’ll continue reading. The newer Batsuit DID help with the dogs, and not knives. Here’s the rundown why, for those who didn’t really watch the film (the author, apparently).

    1) He faced dogs at the start of the film, and one bit through the old suit, gashing his side quite bad. The old suit DID NOT protect from dogs that well.

    2) He hadn’t faced Joker when the new suit was made, and who would have thought that any one WOULD use knives to fight (he’d been fighting the mob so far, known for their use of GUNS).

    3) The Joker WAS NOT a scrawny white guy. He was quick thinking (helps A LOT in fights), nimble, and strong. He took the big henchman out at the meeting super quick.

    He did know about the dogs on the top floor, it showed them at the time. He knocked one away, and fought with the other two, and then got knocked over by the Joker. He kicked the Joker off, then dispatched the two dogs quickly, and without hurt.

    He had just fought his way up a building, against not only the mob, but the cops as well. Batman ISN’T a superhero, the suit isn’t super strong, and he didn’t WANT to kill the Joker (his own code, which was referred to all the way through the film). He treated him with “some” kid gloves, and won out in the end.

    Not one of your main points actually occurred or is justified properly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though.

  3. “1) He faced dogs at the start of the film, and one bit through the old suit, gashing his side quite bad. The old suit DID NOT protect from dogs that well.”

    A piece of raw steak would have been more effective. Hollywood movies prove this :)

  4. [...] He Was Missing The Piece of Meat [...]

  5. lolz
    u think he shud have carried meat all the time… so that wen any dog attacks he can use it…
    how r u so sure that it will help! i mean some dogs are faithful enough to attack ANY intruder afterall Batman is no Tom n Jerry…

    this post wud have been quite meaningful against dogs in cartoons like tom and jerry

    too immature a post…. if u think thedarkknightsucks.com is a featured blog

  6. OMG quad r u kidding me. Can’t u see the humor in it? He’s not totally serious. Just makin his point w/ humor. Laughin my ass off on the writeups here. I don’t agree with all of them but the pages are hella funny.

  7. piece of shit.
    why argue dogs.
    it was just dumb.
    it was like rascal flatts and six flags combined and then painted black.
    i’d like to see what chan-wook park or someone like that could do with the batman.

  8. Actually dogs would be more dangerous opponents than humans. Rotweilers have vice-like grips with their jaws, and are fast. Every see a human chase down a dog? Ever see a dog chase down a human?

    If the dogs were trained properly, a piece of meat would be ineffective. If it worked with say police dogs than why don’t criminals carry around pieces of meat with them?

  9. Batman didn’t kick the Joker off of him, because he needed to get him to tell him where the master detonator for the boats were, that and they had to wrap up their story/ belief in people and the goooooooodness that exist in all people when the chips are down lol.

    I am a fan of this movie – truly. I see all of its warts, moles, and cellulite – and still love it.

  10. @tdksucks, u have got to be joking…

    “A piece of raw steak would have been more effective. Hollywood movies prove this :)

    Umm…ok, batman doesn’t carry an esky or a meat cooler with him speifically for the purpose of preserving dog meat. It would be moronic if he did (less mobility). like, what r the odds that he’ll encounter dogs (other then the chechen)? in a crusade against drugs dealers and gangsters, etc, dogs probably aren’t on his mind. He’s not going to be dumb enuf to waste belt space on meat coolers for doogie food. In the adam west version, yes. TDK, i think not.

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