Only ONE Gripe?

On Yahoo’s homepage today, there is a news article from the Associated Press titled “Biggest ‘Dark Knight’ Gripe” with a subtitle of “Batman’s Flaw” which leads to the article titled “Monday Movie Buzz: Bale’s Batman voice too much?“  All it talks about is Bale’s voice.

There’s no contact information for the article, unclear who wrote it, so could someone out there somewhere PLEASE find a way to contact that writer or the AP or even Yahoo’s Entertainment News & Gossip section and point them here?  If not successful with Yahoo, possibly the Associated Press at

7 Responses to “Only ONE Gripe?”

  1. …………are you THAT blind?????

    Sometimes by reading your articles I get the impression you’re intelligent, wrong, but intelligent… but no , this isn’t a matter of opinion here, you’re just flat out in the dark!

    YOU’RE THE MINORITY! Do a google search, look around people’s myspaces/facebooks, talk to more people, and the larger percentage will tell you that the movie was AWESOME and that, well, Bale’s voice is pretty much nationally the only real complaint people have! (the larger majority)

    Even if people see your site, you’re not CHANGING minds! Only entertaining the few who agree with you, and having those who disagree with you come to prove our points.

    If you direct them to this site or not, they won’t feel differently because they’ll see its under 30 people that seem to come and complain here often about the movie!

    And…. another point… you notice TDK is STILL doing GREAT at the box office? It’s because people are going to see it multiple times because they ENJOYED it, not because they’re sheep.

    Here’s another bad post! haha….

  2. All that tells me is the Internet audience who bothers to talk about it online are following a herd mentality. If the movie has grossed $400 mil (estimate by this week), then that means omething like 50 million tickets sold worldwide. A lot of people have seen it 2 or more times but we’re still talking upwards of 20 million people.

    How many people have shared their opinion about it online? Maybe 1% of those, if that?

    The opinion you read about is the opinion expressed online and, given that this movie was HEAVILY (to the exreme) marketed online then it’s valid easy to propose that the opinion you see expressed is skewed.

  3. who cares how much money this thing is making
    that proves it’s good?
    love fucking wal-mart then
    eat at mcdonald’s always
    they must be the best
    both sell the most shit
    make the most money

    popular doesn’t mean good
    look at who was elected leader of the free world twice!

    so conversely
    unpopular means bad?
    not making money no good?
    that list is endless and consists of the best films, art, music, literature etc that’s ever been created. some creators and creations only become popular after death, like that dude killed on a cross back when because he was unpopular with the majority

    if that’s not simple enough try this
    this movie is like rascal flatts painted black

  4. Well, it’s also what people WANT to see. I myself did not like this movie, so I have gone on sites such as this that say the movie was crap, and sucks, and extremely over hyped. While people who did like the movie read good reviews about it, so they can once again reassure themselves they liked it, and see it ten more times because that’s what all the cool people are doing. It’s hard for a respected critic to say a movie was a “Masterpiece” then a week later after thinking about it and seeing the flaws say….”Okay, wait, maybe it wasn’t.” I was thinking, I wished the people that are so proud about seeing this movie more than 20 times would use that money to give to people that actually need it. But then again, why so serious?

  5. Who the fuck is Batman?

  6. Paying the ticket to see this movie 10 times is like lending money to Uncle Scrooge.

    (and I like the film)

  7. The voice was totally preposterous. Is this supposed to lend to the gritty realism of the film? Bale growling like Eastwood’s Dirty Harry with a sore throat? Could Bale not come up with something more original than a rip-off of the “Make my day, will ya, punk..” voice?

    Jokers voice was also ridiculous. This is what Ledger came up with after months of soul searching? Lip licking every two seconds, tongue against the roof of the mouth sounds, and a voice that sounded more comical than evil or menacing. Sounded more like a gay, crack-head, with psychological problems, trying to sound what he thinks a serial killer might sound like.

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